Woodfin inaugurated as 30th Mayor of Birmingham

Randall Woodfin, a 36-year-old former Birmingham School Board member, was inaugurated on Tuesday as the city’s 30th mayor. Hundreds of people from Linn Park watched as Woodfin was sworn in. He beat William Bell in a second round on October 3. The celebration continued with a reception for the Mayor and City Council at the Birmingham Museum of Art.

Here is an overview of the event:

Who was on stage

Woodfin was joined on stage by his parents, siblings, senior executives and members of city council. Former mayors Richard Arrington and Bernard Kincaid sat in the front row, along with national commentator Jeff Johnson, who has supported Woodfin throughout the campaign. US Representative Terri Sewell was also on stage. Former mayor William Bell was not present, but Woodfin acknowledged this in his comments.

Who prayed

Reverend John Cantelow III, pastor of Woodfin at Sixth Avenue Baptist Church, offered the opening prayer and blessing. Reverend John Cox of the Church Without Walls in Houston, Texas, made the invocation. Cox was one of Woodfin’s roommates at Morehouse College in Atlanta. Cox’s father gave the invocation in 1979 when Richard Arrington was invested as mayor.

Who was in the VIP seats

Woodfin is a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. Dozens of his brothers worked in that campaign and wore black and gold ties on Tuesday. Members of the Jefferson County commission, judges and other county officials were also seated in the white chairs reserved for special guests. Morehouse President Harold Martin Jr. and Alumni Principal Henry M. Goodgame, one of Woodfin’s mentors, came from Atlanta for the grand opening.

Discourse themes: unity and transparency

Woodfin said he would work with the council because that’s what the residents want.

“We will work together to build a stronger city, a safer city, a fairer city – not because it’s convenient, but because the 10 of us think it’s the right thing to do.” , Woodfin said.

Randall Woodfin’s road to inauguration
  1. WBHM
    A WBRC Fox6 News poll shows Mayor William Bell leading his reelection bid, followed by construction contractor Chris Woods and Birmingham school board member Randall Woodfin. Find out how applicants rank when it comes to fundraising. wbhm.us/64113
  2. Birmingham will now respond to a question posed when Woodfin told @WBHM he would run for mayor… https://t.co/6319uy8Pbu https://t.co/FNTJW7gAJj
  3. WBHM

    Randall Woodfin: “It’s time to have a mayor we can trust”

  4. The pace of Randall Woodfin’s mayoral election party is dancing, encouraging results (now leading with 73% of Birmingham precinct reports), dancing more.

  5. Birmingham voters decide today: Will Randall Woodfin become the city's new mayor or will William Bell win another term?  Here's one for Bell.  https://t.co/6XYHI5iM6F
    Birmingham voters decide today: Will Randall Woodfin become the city’s new mayor or will William Bell win another term? Here’s one for Bell. pic.twitter.com/6XYHI5iM6F
  6. Randall Woodfin a
  7. WBHM

    About 10% of Birmingham constituencies report.
    Bell 51%
    Wood fin 49%

  8. WBHM

    Randall Woodfin will be Birmingham’s next mayor. William Bell expected to give his concession speech momentarily.

  9. Birmingham has a new mayor: Randall Woodfin.

  10. WBHM

    Voters sent mayor-elect Randall Woodfin to the mayor’s office in Tuesday’s second round of municipal elections in Birmingham. The 36-year-old will be the youngest mayor in over 120 years.

  11. WBHM

    For over a year we have seen and heard Randall Woodfin, but who is this 36-year-old lawyer who will be sworn in next week as Birmingham’s 30th mayor? Listen to this piece by Sherrel Wheeler Stewart of WBHM to find out more.

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