Which Loan Does The Best Fit For Me?

Do you want to take out a loan, but you are not sure what type of loan? Then you can best look at the spending objective. There are plenty of valid solutions to get extra money quickly.

If you want to borrow money for a longer period and always want to have some extras in your account, then a revolving credit is best for you. Do you only need some extra money for a fairly expensive investment? Then a payday loan is again the most suitable. When you need a little extra money for a short time, it is best to temporarily be in the red bank at the bank.

How do you choose the best loan?

How do you choose the best loan?

Almost everyone has a loan. Nowadays, loans are also taken out quickly and people don’t think about it that long anymore. Yet it is wise to think about this and to weigh the pros and cons against each other. Before you take out a loan, you can request quotes from different lenders. In this way you can compare the various loans well. This allows you to make an informed choice and you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises.

Which form of borrowing suits me?

Which form of borrowing suits me?

There are different loan forms. So there is always a loan that suits you. You can, for example, choose from:

  • Revolving credit
  • payday loan
  • Are in red
  • Mortgage

Revolving credit

With a revolving credit you borrow a maximum fixed amount. You can then decide for yourself when you withdraw the money and how much it is. You can withdraw money until you reach your credit limit. You can withdraw the repaid amount. You pay a fixed amount every month. Usually you can also opt for a lower monthly payment, but this means that your loan runs longer.

Payday loan

Payday loan

If you take out a payday loan, you borrow a predetermined amount for a fixed term. You also pay a fixed interest on this amount. It is mandatory to repay part of the money borrowed every month. Every month you pay a fixed amount, consisting of repayment and interest. You cannot withdraw the repaid amount. In general, the duration of a payday loan is around 5 to 6 years, but it also sometimes happens that it is slightly longer.

Are in red

Standing in red is also a form of borrowing. Your bank lends you money that you temporarily have not in your account. If you do not replenish the deficit on time, you will pay back this amount with interest. At most banks you can be red up to a certain amount. In general that is a maximum of 1000 euros. You often pay a high interest rate for being at the bank.


If you want to buy a house, you will undoubtedly have to deal with a mortgage. Most people who want to buy a house take out a mortgage for this. This is because the majority of people do not have sufficient financial resources to pay for a house in one go. You take out a mortgage when you want to take out a loan above a certain amount. With a mortgage, your home serves as collateral. The bank or lender determines how much money you can borrow. This is decided based on your income and the collateral.

Based on the examples above, you can already determine which loan type best fits your spending objective. Do you want to know how much money you can borrow? Request a free and completely free quote via this page.

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