Watch the daytime fireworks in slow motion

If you’re hoping to dive into a burrow of slow-motion videos, look no further than Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy’s YouTube channel, better known as The Slow Mo Guys. Their efforts are quite captivating at normal speeds (spinning an apple so fast that it explodes, seeing how big a condom will inflate in a blower, bounce painting on a speaker, etc.), and decelerated versions are even more so.

In 2019, the duo took on daytime fireworks. For those who have never heard of the term, it doesn’t just describe the fireworks you set off before sunset: Daytime fireworks are specially designed to be viewed while the sun is still shining. While traditional fireworks usually involve bright explosions that look a bit like stars or sparklers, daytime fireworks are all made up of colorful smoke that contrasts with a bright sky.

For their show, the Slow Mo Guys lined up 60 boxes (or “firework cakes”) each containing 25 tubes of what would become colored smoke when detonated. After a flawed first try – the blue set did not fire – they tried again, this time parallel to the row of boxes as a reference point for the speed of the blast. According to Free and Gruchy, the result most closely resembled a “rainbow volcano” or what you would see if “the Muppets dropped a nuclear weapon”.

You can watch the entire episode below. Or, if you’re only interested in the slow motion show, it starts around 5:08 p.m.

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