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BIRMINGHAM, England (AP) – Don’t bet against Tomas Walsh.

The New Zealander broke the oldest record in the world indoor track and field championships by winning the shot put on Saturday.

Walsh’s last throw of 22.31 meters eclipsed Ulf Timmermann’s record of 22.24 set in 1987, five years before Walsh was born.

The distance was also a personal best for Walsh – inside and out – and cost his coach Dale Stevenson, who will have to wear huge favorites for the rest of the year after a bet.

“I had to PB and win for him to have mutton chops for nine months,” a beaming Walsh told The Associated Press.

It was a second consecutive indoor world title for Walsh, who also won gold at the 2017 world championships and bronze at the 2016 Olympics.

Walsh and Stevenson had also bet on the world championships and, after failing to break his personal best in London, Walsh had to get a tattoo of his coach’s choice.

Although Walsh will not disclose the tattoo he got, claiming it was between him and Stevenson, he did reveal that he was supposed to be visible in “barbecue outfit” and inked it on his foot.

Walsh said betting is a way to relieve competitive pressure.

“We usually talk about it leading to great competitions and what we kind of want to accomplish,” he said. “It just adds a little more spice. We signal during the competition about that, how you feel and talk about it. We’re really not talking about anything other than betting in general.

“When I throw well I know I need to be relaxed and not amplified and very low key, and that’s what I did so well today. I was in a good rhythm, a good timing.”

Walsh broke his personal best 21.78 on his first pitch and tied that 22.13 on his next success.

His latest pitch placed him fourth on the all-time list.

“The first two 22-meter throws were easy and it’s always a good sign, but this one I had a little more juice behind and it was just great on the hand and it was just a good feeling, ”Walsh said.

Walsh has said he may offer his coach a way to avoid his hairy spell at their next event, the Commonwealth Games on Australia’s Gold Coast next month.

“There might be an option for Dale, depending on how I pitch,” Walsh said. “Double or nothing maybe.”

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