Tommy Tuberville ready to fight election results with Donald Trump

Former college football coach Tommy Tuberville has just been elected senator to Alabama. His first order of the day? Join the absurd effort to keep Donald Trump in power. Tuberville joined Rep. Mo Brooks’ groundless challenge to the electoral college results.


“You see what’s coming. You have read it in the House. We’re going to have to do it in the Senate, ”Tuberville said via Newsweek.

“We’re going to fix everything,” Tuberville said, referring to the Biden Electoral College victory over Trump. “Do not abandon.”


When asked how he planned to call off the election, Tuberville responded by saying “we are going to fight hard”.

Tommy Tuberville’s pledge to fight for Donald Trump comes even after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell finally recognized Joe Biden as president-elect and called on fellow Republican senators to cease their efforts. The freshman senator from Alabama missed the message.

Prior to dabbling in politics, Tommy Tuberville was a longtime college football coach, serving as the head coach of Ole Miss, Auburn, Texas Tech and Cincinnati. During his career, Tuberville had a 159-99 record.

The effort to overthrow a legitimate election must stop whether we like it or not Joe Biden will be our next president, but Tommy Tuberville looks set to die on Conspiracy Theory Hill.

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