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Admit it: you’ve heard of those villages in Italy that sell houses for one euro and you wonder if that was too good to be true. (Spoiler alert: It’s too good to be true.) Or maybe you’ve tried buying one of the $ 9,000 homes for sale in Biccari, Italy. (Bad news – tens of thousands of other people have tried to buy one as well.) Now two more Italian villages are giving you a chance The good life– cheap.

Carrega Ligure, a village in northern Italy, and Latronico, a small town in southern Italy, have announced that they are selling turnkey homes at bargain prices starting at € 10,000 (approx. $ 12,000). These are homes that have been abandoned by their owners, but unlike the dilapidated one-euro houses that have been in the news in recent years, these are ready-to-move-in places.

Located in a pristine national park, Latronico is known as the “village of wellness” because of its clean air and thermal baths. In Latronico, you can view homes on a website called Your Home in Latronico, which connects potential buyers with owners.

According to the city’s deputy mayor, Vincenzo Castellano, local authorities have created the platform to match supply and demand. “People can see and choose the property that suits them best. And it is constantly updated. The inhabitants continue to migrate, so more and more houses are regularly added, ”he told CNN.

Prices start at € 10,000 (around $ 12,000) and go up to € 30,000 (around $ 35,900). As an example, € 12,000 (around $ 14,360) will buy you a two-story house with panoramic views ready to move into.

To further encourage buyers to buy dilapidated buildings, the city of Latronico will not charge you tax for 10 years if you invest € 20,000 in the revitalization of a property.

The other place to participate in the low cost homes program is Carrega Ligure. Straddling the regions of Piedmont, Liguria and Emilia Romagna, this small town in the Apennines has only 90 inhabitants. It’s quiet: there are no bars, supermarkets, shops or restaurants. But there is a lot to attract buyers, including stunning scenery and lots of peace and quiet.

In Carrega Ligure you will find inexpensive houses ready to move in, as well as run down houses to redo. Houses in Carrega Ligure are a bit harder to see – the town has set up a website, but interested buyers should email the town hall in order to get more details or be put in touch with the owners.

But here’s the best news of all: in both cities, prices are negotiable.


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