Seegene’s Italian subsidiary secures public procurement for 7.15 million COVID-19 diagnostic tests, largest tender in history

  • Seegene’s Italian subsidiary to deliver some 7.15 million COVID-19 tests to 17 regions
  • South Korean biotech company expands influence From Italy PCR diagnostic industry

Seoul, South Korea, April 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Seegene Inc. (KQ 096530), a leading molecular diagnostics company, said its Italian subsidiary, Arrow Diagnostics Srl, was awarded the public contract worth more than 89.3 million euros, the highest volume of calls for tenders in the history of its Italian branch since 2014.

As part of the tender agreement, Arrow Diagnostics will provide some 7.15 million COVID-19 diagnostic tests as well as extraction reagents to the Extraordinary Commissioner for the COVID-19 Emergency, or “ il commissario straordinario per emergenza COVID-19 ”, reporting to the Italian Ministry of Defense. COVID-19 diagnostic tests will be distributed to 17 regions, including Lombardy, Tuscany, Veneto and Liguria.

Seegene, Allplex COVID-19 diagnostic testTM The SARS-CoV-2 test is a unique real-time multiplex PCR test capable of detecting a total of five target genes, including four coronavirus genes (E gene, RdRP gene, N gene and S gene) and an exogenous control ( control of the entire process) in a single reaction, allowing very precise results and maximizing throughput for high volume tests. The diagnostic test acquired the CE-IVD mark in June 2020.

The Seegene official added that with his technological advancements to target multiple genes in a single reaction, he had an advantage in accurately and fully detecting the coronavirus, even with the recent rise in its viral variants.

The COVID-19 diagnostic test is also available with a no-extraction app, which allows labs without extraction equipment and a shortage of reagents to test samples for the coronavirus in an even shorter turnaround time (TAT). The official added that the non-extraction application of the test will help speed up control of the pandemic.

COVID-19 diagnostic tests as well as its extraction reagents have already been provided to From Europe third-largest economy – and has been spread across regions of the country since the start of April.

A Seegene official said the company ultimately hopes to end the deadly pandemic by routinely providing COVID-19 diagnostic tests to countries around the world, and added that it will continue to fulfill its duty as leading global diagnostics company up close. monitor and study the development of the pandemic.

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