Referee injured after player attacked him during High Schol football match

These are scary things. Check out this high school football player who rushed onto the pitch after being kicked out of the game. Wait until the end of the video to see the player take down the referee.


This happened in Texas, where the Edinburgh High Bobcats faced off against the PSJA High Bears.

Emmanuel Duron of Edinburgh did something that warranted an ejection, then walked out onto the pitch and assaulted this poor official after the announcement. According to reports, the referee was in poor condition.

The referee had to be helped off the field on a cart.

The police are involved, although they have “no comment” that the player will be charged.


Emmanuel Duron was escorted out of the stadium by officers from the Edinburgh PD. The official was assessed in an ambulance for symptoms of concussion

You really see something new every day.

High school football in Texas is just different, and maybe they take it a little too seriously there. I know one thing, Emmanuel Duran will never experience this. He will likely always be known as the kid who let his emotions get the best of him and attack a referee. Just terrible stuff here. I hope the official is well.

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