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Compliment from PSPC

As WGJ headed to printers just hours before the budget, there was a lot of noise about whether Rishi Sunak would seize the opportunity to open up the UK listing regime to so-called special purpose acquisition companies, or SPAC.

The award for “Right-Timed But Poorly Focused Press Release of the Week” goes to adult camera website, which has announced the launch of its own PSPC for the adult entertainment industry.

“The SPAC trend has taken the world by storm,” said Max Bennet of Stripchat.
“We are thrilled to be the first adult technology investors to plan to launch a blank check company focused on this space.

“Stripchat is not only bringing back the sexy, but we’re bringing back the sexy SPAC as well!”

Keep it in the family

“We just don’t think they should be looking to sell,” Slater Investments co-founder Michael Slater told The Times after national adviser AFH received a takeover offer from the US private investor. Flexpoint.

Slater Investments is one of the largest shareholders in the company headquartered in Bromsgrove. Michael first acquired money to invest from his father – another famous financier – at the age of 16, and hasn’t looked back since.

Jim Slater was known as the “godfather of asset stripping,” relating to the practice of an investor taking control of a business with the aim of selling its parts to maximize profits.

It seems Slater Junior doesn’t share his father’s vision and doesn’t think any of his charges should strip his assets at all.

Out of context

“A luxury item”

Description of the management of the fund by the managing director of Gbi2, Graham Bentley, after having calculated his profit margin as a quarter higher than that of Louis Vuitton.

“The corrective themes seem to be the ‘shizzle my nizzle’ right now in terms of all the rhetoric.”

Brian Belski of BMO Capital Markets broadcasts Snoop Dogg live on Bloomberg TV.

“A former ‘advisor’ said that I needed to ‘diversify’, that I had ‘a gambling addiction’ and that I was ‘getting into a Ponzi scheme’. What a fraud! I fired it and replaced it with – myself! I put my savings in #Bitcoin. He can only go up! ‘

An investor takes to Twitter to explain his new unadvised strategy.

Separated at birth

French director Patrice Leconte

Danny Cox of Hargreaves Lansdown

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