Pokemon GO Leafeon: How to Evolve Eevee into Leafeon with an evolution name trick

Pokemon Go received another big update this week thanks to the tireless efforts of developer Niantic.

This new update – which was originally released on May 17 – saw many additions to Niantic’s real-world Pokémon exploration game.

Along with adding a new wave of Generation 4 Sinnoh Pokémon to the game, we’ve also seen new ways to evolve some Pokémon and new moves introduced in the title.

The update has started spawning Cherubs, Burmys, Shellos, Hippopotas, and Gible in the game, and introduced new ways to evolve Pokemon so you can (finally!) Get your hands on Gen 4 Glaceon favorites. , Leafeon, Magnezone and Probopass.

Similar to the main games, you’ll need to be some distance from a special location to evolve the new Pokémon – so let us walk you through the two methods you can use to get your hands on evolution. from Eevee, Leafeon.

The May 17 update introduced three new decoys to Pokemon Go:

• Ice Lure Mods bring water and ice types to Pokéstops

• Mossy Lure mods tempt Insects, Grass and Poison types

• Magnetic Lure Mods attract Electric, Steel, and Rock-type Pokémon

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If a Special Decoy Mod is on a PokeStop you’re in range of, you will be able to Evolve their Pokémon after turning the stop – the stop must have been turned and you must be in range, otherwise the option to Pokémon evolution will not appear.

To evolve an Eevee into a Leafeon, you’ll need the Mossy Lure mod, currently available in the store for 200 coins.

Niantic assures us that there will be a way to receive these modules via special research tasks later this year.

Similar to past evolutions of Pokemon Go, it is possible to evolve an Eevee into a Leafeon by giving it a special nickname.

If you have 25 Eevee Candy in reserve, all you need to do is rename Eevee to Linnea to evolve into a grass-type Pokemon Leafeon.

Important note – the renaming method only works once per evolution, and chances are you’ll see Niantic introduce a special search that asks you to get a Leafeon and a Glaceon at some point in the future. Keep this in mind.

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