Marvel’s GotG game continues to ignore what makes the MCU work

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy are not connected to a larger Marvel universe within video games, which highlights a major flaw in Marvel games.

by marvel guardians of the galaxy Looks like a fantastic game already, but it continues a frustrating trend among Marvel games by not having any sort of greater continuity. It has already been confirmed that guardians of the galaxy is standalone and not connected to any other Marvel games, which is a bit confusing given the handful of AAA Marvel games out there already and the many more that are surely on the way.

Over the past decade, Disney has really helped guide Marvel’s future in all of its mediums. With a few exceptions, Marvel has brought together all the film rights to its characters under one roof to unify the Marvel Cinematic Universe and simultaneously prevent Activision from rushing into video game adaptations for its films.. There is now a higher degree of quality in all areas because there is vision and structure, but Marvel games have yet to embrace the idea of ​​a connected universe. Even if Marvel Avengers add Black Panther and more heroes, he is not connected to Guardians of the Galaxy, which is also published by Square Enix.

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To make matters even more confusing, Spider-Man joins Marvel Avengers at one point and will be exclusive to PlayStation players, but it’s not the version of the Insomniac games – which also has its own version of the Avengers. As it stands, there are at least three Marvel Universes running in video games when there could easily be just one. It doesn’t all have to be a “universe,” but the world’s mightiest heroes deserve to coexist, especially after seeing how well it has worked out in the MCU. The stories run richer knowing that the consequences of everything the Guardians do could have a direct impact on something that happens to the Avengers, even though neither group of heroes currently know the other exists.

Limited range of Guardians of the Galaxy characters

The Guardians in custody of the Nova Corps in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Given guardians of the galaxy is a Star-Lord game more than an overall experience for the whole group of misfits, it also means there is virtually no chance to play like the rest of the Guardians in something like a crossover DLC with Marvel Avengers. It’s likely that Crystal Dynamics will create its own version of the Guardians as it does with Spider-Man, or there will simply be a noticeable lack of heroes in the face of stellar threats. It seems strange, since Square Enix wants to build Marvel Avengers as a live service game, but neither he nor Marvel wants to allow an expansive universe.

Even if guardians of the galaxy has a compelling history, it won’t have the overall weight it would have if it were hooked up to other games. When the first guardians of the galaxy movie released, it wasn’t immediately clear how it would fit into the bigger MCU, but it did plant seeds for characters like Thanos and showcase the Infinity Stones as a larger concept to audiences. The story was a crucial part of future films and had a huge ripple effect for years, but without that same power the game will be somewhat crippled. Having characters that span the galaxy isn’t as exciting as it would be if it meant it could have a direct (or even indirect) impact on other heroes on Earth.

Whether or not Square Enix reconsiders its choice and tries to integrate guardians of the galaxy with Marvel Avengers remains to be seen, but it looks like there might be some wiggle room for the Guardians. As for a character like Spider-Man, it looks like Crystal Dynamics definitely made sure it wasn’t the Insomniac version. Perhaps there is hope for a bigger universe in Marvel games someday, but right now the larger universe of Marvel games seems too small.

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