Lubbock shot after police say they owe suspects money

In the wee hours of Friday, May 28, someone from Lubbock ended up being shot for owing the gunman money.

KAMC News reports that 2 suspects entered the apartment of an unidentified woman at the Park Apartments in the 5700 block of 50th Street. The suspects demanded money and the woman gave them everything she had, which was not enough for the suspects.

Lubbock Police said the suspects asked the woman to call someone who would later become the gunshot victim because he owed the suspects money.

This person finally showed up with 3 other people a little later. Upon arrival, the suspects demanded that the four people get out of the vehicle. The first suspect allegedly attempted to steal the vehicle, but the victim intervened. They were then shot once by one of the suspects in the chest.

It was a little before 1 a.m. when police received the call saying someone had been shot near 40th Street and Chicago Avenue.

The victim was taken by 2 of their friends to the EMS station located at 5503 Marsha Sharp Freeway. At the time, the victim was seriously injured, but his current condition is unknown.

Police said the two suspects at the scene fled and have yet to be found. No description was provided for either.


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