JD Dillard’s Secret Blumhouse details revealed

Blumhouse quickly acquired JD Dillardof Sleight coming out of the film’s premiere at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. The film has received rave reviews, including a review from you. Weeks later it was announced that Blumhouse would be producing the next film. Sweetheart featuring Drug Star Kiersey Clemons. As with all Blumhouse films, the logline is kept under wraps, but chatting with Dillard ahead of the release of SleightI was able to learn a few more details.

I’ve interviewed JD Dillard (photo above) a few weeks ago. We’ll have the full interview tomorrow, but here’s a clip where he reveals some brief details about his follow-up movie. Sweetheart:

You’re about to go and make a movie on Blumhouse.


What is that? Because I don’t think we’ve really heard of it.

So we’re not – and I think you’ll see when we first talk about this – why we’re not talking about it. But it’s, I think in simpler terms, it’s a survival horror movie starring Kiersey Clemons and Emory Cohen that I’m both obsessed with. And…

I loved Kiersey in Dope.

Yeah, she’s in it Drug and she’s on this network show Easy and she will be in the Justice League universe then Emory of Brooklyn and The OA among others. But in a funny way, it’s a very spartan movie because of the lack of dialogue. The script is 68 pages long. And this is purely an exercise in tone and terror. I’m just thinking to talk about it in an abstract way, what I want is if I can make this whole movie feel like I’m leaving the border scene of Sicario, it works. So it’s a very different experience than Sledt, yet he plays with very similar songs. But in general, it’s just –

Are there any elements of science fiction or supernatural?

It’s got, honestly, a little hard to say, but there is, as we joke, there is one plus one. There is something special about what is going on in this. But it starts to turn very soon. I’m going to Fiji on Friday to shoot this.

That’s crazy. And I hope you don’t have to pull eight pages a day.

I do not think so. I just got the stripboard and can’t see eight pages anywhere. Who is great. Also, if we were to turn eight pages a day, the movie would be finished in about six days.

Then you can relax further in Fiji.

For sure.

So what did we learn here:

  • Sweetheart is a survival horror film.
  • It will star Kiersey Clemons and Emory Cohen.
  • The script is only 68 pages long, almost half of your typical Hollywood script these days.
  • The film is “purely an exercise in tone and terror” and has very little dialogue.
  • Dillard is hoping this whole movie feels like it leaves the borderline Sicario scene.
  • The film will have a kind of genre shift, which Dillard describes as “one plus one,” adding “there’s something special about what’s going on in there.”
  • The film is currently being shot on location in Fiji.

Previously, we knew Dillard co-wrote the screenplay with Sleight co-author and production partner Alex Theurer, as well as Alex hyner, who plays a supporting role in Dillard’s first feature film. Dillard is also in talks for a 20th Century Fox-produced remake of Fly, which he told us about here.

Stay tuned for more soon.

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