How Google Digital Garage Helped Students Develop Business Skills

In her final year at the University of Warwick, Xia Liu, 23, spent the last few years studying MORSE – mathematics, operations research, statistics and economics.

Despite a busy schedule, she couldn’t resist signing up for the free classes offered by the Google Digital Garage, which had a direct impact on her studies.

The Coventry-based student explains: “I was in Birmingham for the weekend, and as I walked along New Street it started to rain. So I rushed into the Google Digital Garage and I was walking along New Street. started chatting with the team.

“I was curious about what this new pop-up was and ended up staying long after the rain was over, learning about the variety of classes available and how it was all free. They booked me one. classes later the same day., and that’s what got me started on my trip! “

With experts on site offering completely free training, Xia couldn’t resist their offer of multiple courses.

“We’ve all heard of Google, so that gives it some credibility – I had to make the most of it. I’m a full-time student, so my plan was to attend it for the two weeks before my college year started. , with my goal to absorb as much as possible.

“I ended up attending all but two of the classes they offer, as well as the online one! I told them, I’m going to be that annoying nerd, and you’ll be sick of seeing me!”

Xia found that the classes she enjoyed the most were the ones that lasted five weeks – with Intro to Coding and Start Your Own Business her favorites.

“Something like coding can seem intimidating if you don’t have that network or prior knowledge, but the course did exactly what it said it would. It’s a fun way to get yourself into it. that coding mindset. We played games that inadvertently taught us skills that we would need, and trainer Ian has a very unusual way of looking at it, which makes it interesting.

Start Your Own Business, led by Paula, is a good mix of theoretical and practical knowledge, outlining techniques used by many successful businesses and allowing you to actively network with those around you. “

It was these two courses that helped Xia and her friends develop a mobile app – Hidden Gems – which she hopes will allow people to experience “all the best bits of a city, with just the push of a button. finger”.

“When we saw the commercial workshop, I first spoke to the tour team and coached a few of my teammates to attend! It was a great opportunity for us to actively work business wise, so it was two birds with one stone. “

They used the keen sense they learned to win a college competition – the Social Innovation Challenge – in which they pitched their application idea to a board of directors.

“I don’t think we could have done it without the help of Google Digital Garage and the business and public speaking skills that we have learned. We are now working on the development of this app and the skills that I have acquired. acquired during the introduction to coding came into play!

“It’s a rare type of environment, where everything is designed to help you learn. No matter what your skill level, you feel welcome.”

The Google Digital Garage is open at 134B New St, Birmingham B2 4NS. Expert coaches are there to answer all your questions about creating your CV or improving your digital skills.

You can reserve a place for free for one of the many face-to-face courses by clicking here

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