Holy Moly Donuts opens second location, new sandwich shop is planned for West Village

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The Holy Moly Donut Shop – partly famous for its excellent donuts, partly known for performing a stroke of genius by opening next to a pottery store on Eight Mile Road – has its second operational location.

It’s made a name for itself with flavors like Devil’s Food Cake (“airy devil’s cake donut topped with dark chocolate ganache and cocoa chunks”), Blueberry Bourbon (“velvety, soft blueberry frosting infused with just a touch of bourbon “), milk and cereal (” Cruze Farm’s rich and creamy milk frosting topped with Fruity Pebbles breakfast cereal “), and chocolate ganache (” rich dark chocolate Ghirardelli 70 percent whipped smooth and topped with nuggets or sea salt ”).

The new store is at 20301 W. Seven Mile Rd. Near Evergreen, and Holy Moly is probably not finished yet. The shop has already said Metro timetable that a third location is also in the works, and it has been said on social media that they may be heading to western burbs. Stay tuned for updates.


A new sandwich shop called Frenchies will occupy the space of the ephemeral French tea shop, La Boheme. The store abruptly closed in March when its owners returned to France, and Eater reports that the new owner is using much of what was left. The menu will feature “French” fare like dip sandwiches, French toast, fries, and a range of American fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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