Groups Come Together to Create Safe Spaces for Asian American LGBTQ Community – NBC4 Washington

Several groups in the DC area are raising awareness of what it means to be LGBTQ and Asian American.

“We exist in so many different ways and our stories are so important,” said Mitch Chan of the Asian Pacific Islander Queer Society.

The Asian Pacific Islander Queer Society hosts social events and provides a support system, allowing people to just be themselves.

“When you’re in Asian spaces, it’s not always guaranteed to be safe,” Chan said. “It’s not safe for me, even with my family, who don’t really necessarily understand what it means for me to be gay.”

That’s why she and other Asian American groups are working to create change. This year, the groups are coming together to host a virtual art showcase and uplift Asian American LGBTQ artists.

“Take queer stories and represent them in the most accurate form,” said Kevin Rodrigues of KhushDC.

KhushDC is a group for LGBTQ South Asians.

“I believe we are doing a great job of boosting culture, making America the real melting pot that it is,” Rodrigues said.

The art showcase will launch later this month. Groups are always looking for submissions and will donate $ 150 to each artist.

“We just really want to celebrate the artists who led the movement to elevate history, to imagine new possibilities for our communities,” Chan said.

The groups concerned are:

  • Queer Society of the Asian Pacific Islands
  • Gay Asia-Pacific Islanders United in Action
  • Capital Pride Alliance
  • KhushDC
  • KQT – Korean queer shemale
  • MOAPIA – Mayor’s Office on Asian Pacific Island Affairs
  • NAAAP – National Association of Asian American Professionals

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