Grappling Report: The Complete Polaris Squads 3 Teams Are Finally Here!

We are just over two months away from the next installment of the latest team grappling revolution, Polaris Squads 3. This time there is a slight change in the teams themselves as Team UK & Ireland will return, but this time around. against Team USA. Just a month ago, the promotion announced the two team captains who will lead their team to the mats as Darragh O’Connaill and JT Torres respectively.

The announcements have been numerous and swift since then, and now the two eight-man teams have been revealed in full. With elite 10th Planet reps Richie ‘Boogieman’ Martinez, PJ Barch and Jon ‘Thor’ Blank alongside prodigies like William Tackett and Kade Ruotolo, Team USA is the favorite. It won’t be easy though, as three-time Polaris champion Ashley Williams and world fighting champion Jiu Jitsu Tom Halpin are among those looking to stop them.

Kayla Harrison on her way to another PFL million dollar check

It took only three years for Kayla Harrison to go from her second Olympic gold in judo to being the winner of the 2019 PFL season. Now, with a lot more fights under her belt than when she debuted for promotion, she was already a big favorite to defend her title this year. This week at PFL 3, she proved exactly why fans expect so much from her and seem eager to please them.

She put her perfect 8-0 record on the line against Mariana Morais in the season opener and took just over a minute to crush the 27-fight veteran. This victory placed her at the top of the promotion standings alongside Larissa Pacheco, so she is already in first position to qualify for the final of the tournament. From there, it seems increasingly unlikely that any one of the 145-pound women PFL has to offer could stand in his way.

The full results of the event are available here.

Several elite prodigies are preparing to compete in Who’s Number One

The next WNO event is starting to take shape with just under three weeks before it takes place and it looks like the promotion is eager to put young stars front and center. The youngest of Brazilian Fight Factory’s most successful brothers, Andrew Tackett, will take on Dream Art Brown Belt Mica Galvao in a battle between two phenomenal grapplers who aren’t even old enough to celebrate with a beer after their fight.

AOJ’s first teenage black belt, Jessa Khan, will also take on a huge challenge in the form of Pati Fontes, while teammate Johnatha Alves will make his gi-less black belt debut against Danaher Death Squad member Oliver Taza. The main event sees Gordon Ryan, another Puerto Rican resident, take on Luis Panza, shortly after Mikey Musumeci and Vagner Rocha took on Lucas Pinheiro and Josh Hinger respectively.

Gordon Ryan makes an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience

It was only a matter of time before that happened, but Gordon Ryan finally made an appearance in The Joe Rogan Experience. This made perfect sense considering the fact that his trainer John Danaher has made several appearances on the world’s most popular podcast, and he and Joe Rogan himself have always sang the praises of the principal that they both agree is the bigger no. gi grapple around.

The podcast itself lasted just under three hours and the couple touched on a number of topics, including the now infamous altercation between Ryan and ATOS founder Andre Galvao behind the scenes at WNO. The majority of the episode was spent discussing various facets of Jiu-Jitsu and related fields, although they also discussed Ryan’s recent signing to ONE FC where he played down rumors of a potential transition. towards MMA.

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