GRAPHIC VID: Horrified tourists film like howling warthog eaten alive by leopard

In shocking footage, filmed in South Africa’s Idube Game Reserve, a male leopard begins to eat its prey while it is still alive.

A group of tourists on safari in the reserve had parked next to a warthog burrow when they spotted a leopard nearby.

It didn’t take long for the leopard to capture its victim as a family of warthogs emerged from the burrow.

An experienced warthog hunter, the male leopard first subdues its prey by cutting a major artery in its front paw.

The warthog then lets out a cry that feels cold down its spine as it bleeds as the leopard continues to bite its flesh.

Viewers described the footage as “absolutely terrifying” with more than two million people viewing the clip on YouTube.

“I would also scream my head if I was eaten alive,” commented one spectator.

Another said: “It was a brutal killing, but you have to understand that this is nature and without eating it the leopard will starve to death.”

While a third added, “This thing was worse than having a root canal without any medication.”

This is not the first time that a wild leopard kill has been captured on camera.

Earlier this year, a large cat was seen swallowing the head of a warthog in a brutal fight to the death at the same game reserve.

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