Fun Day Tour: The Long Quay of New Haven

I might be the afternoon DJ on a classic rock radio station, but I love all forms of music. I think at this point in the pandemic I’m so desperate to see live music that if someone were to sit on a street corner humming in a kazoo and farting, I would stop and j would listen.

I wrote about the New Haven Symphony Orchestra last fall. They were also desperate to continue playing live music during the coronavirus, so they did a series of concerts at New Haven’s Canal Dock Boathouse on Long Wharf Drive.

I just saw an ad on their social media that they are doing it again, and they extended it to 14 concerts at the Boathouse and a few special performances in downtown New Haven. It’s such a cool place and a series of events I thought you might like to hear about.

According to the post, musicians from the New Haven Symphony Orchestra will be giving 14 different performances on Friday and Sunday afternoons, May 21 through July 4, 2021 at Canal Dock Boathouse, and there will also be free pop-ups. the performances also took place in the window at 900 Chapel Street on New Haven Green. All 14 performances at the Canal Dock Boathouse are paid events, and tickets for each individual show go on sale Monday, April 19, 2021 at noon. You can find out more and get tickets by clicking on HERE

If you’ve never been to Long Wharf Drive in New Haven, it’s nice out there on a hot spring day. The view is beautiful and Long Wharf Drive is also a very famous Food Truck destination, dozens of people line up and serve lunch and dinner.

Stroll along Long Wharf Drive, eat street tacos, hot and fresh churros, and listen to Shubert, John Phillip Sousa, Phillip Glass or Leonard Bernstein? I’m in.

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