First Dates fans stunned by Paul Cattermole’s ‘unrecognizable’ S Club 7 appearance

First Dates Hotel viewers were shocked to see S Club 7 star Paul Cattermole had a date tonight as he tried to find love.

As he spoke to Merlin the bartender about his singing history, revealing that he was part of the iconic group, fans were stunned at how different the 42-year-old was.

They took to social media to comment on how different he looked, as one posted: “Ok, I did NOT recognize Paul from the s club. ‘another … “

Another added: “Oh my god can’t believe I didn’t recognize Paul from S Club 7.”

A third intervened: “I’m shaken like IF it’s Paul from S Club 7.”

A fourth wrote: “What happened to Paul from the S Club?”

During this time, Paul was paired with Anna and eventually ended up talking about his time in the famous group.

Viewers couldn’t believe how different Paul was when he appeared on the show

Paul’s date Anna told him he lacked confidence, which he unfortunately agreed with

Despite getting along well, when it came to sitting down in front of the camera and saying if they wanted to see each other again, it was a no from Anna.

She said: “I think it would be nice if you were more confident.

“You are a lovely person and I feel like the industry has beaten you up a bit.

Paul broke down in tears at the end of the show discussing the mistakes he made

Paul is very different from his time in the iconic British pop group

“I feel like you’re almost apologizing to yourself when you haven’t done anything.”

Speaking alone on camera, Paul responded to his comments by saying, “I made so many bad choices, didn’t have a normal life and I’m hiding the real me.”

Paul then tore, hiding his face from the camera before choking, “I have to be more confident and not be afraid.”

First Dates Hotel continues next Thursday at 9 p.m. on Channel 4.

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