EA Sports hints at athlete reveal on Thursday cover

In the video game community, all eyes are currently on the E3 conference announcing what is to come in the future of the game. For NFL fans, EA Sports has released a very short trailer, indicating that Madden 22’s cover athletes would be revealed on Thursday.

In the trailer, they show two goats, one bigger than the other. This has led to obvious speculation suggesting that Madden will once again have two cover athletes for this rendition of the only console football video game officially licensed from the NFL.

Madden NFL 22 cover athlete to feature two goats

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The last time Madden went with two cover athletes was Madden NFL 10, starring both Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu after Super Bowl XLIII.

As for who these two goats are, Tom Brady was on the cover of Madden 18: GOAT Edition and Patrick Mahomes was on the cover of last year. Many fans seem to think it will feature both Brady and Mahomes.

But is it too early for Mahomes to be considered a goat? That’s why the Second Goat has left many others wondering what EA Sports was planning for the Madden NFL 22 cover.

Who will be GOAT # 2 in Madden NFL 22?

Another possibility is Brady with Aaron Rodgers. This gives credit to some recent online speculation before the goat trailer. With questions about Rodgers’ jersey for the 2021 season, rumors suggest EA Sports has delayed the annual reveal of Madden NFL 22 cover athlete.

The last thing EA Sports would want is to release the cover only for Rodgers to be traded to another team, where their image on the game is inaccurate and outdated all year round.

Surprisingly, the EA Sports video even featured perhaps the most unlikely Madden cover athlete of all time with Peyton Hillis making a comeback after appearing on the cover of Madden 12. Is that yet another clue. not so subtle with Peyton Manning being a possibility?

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Some Madden NFL 22 cover art circulating the internet for months has shown various images of Derrick Henry. A player like Henry wouldn’t surprise anyone, as he has proven to be dominant in both video game worlds as well as on the grill in real life. But is he considered a GOAT? Probably not.

Who knows at this point, but fans of the football video game franchise won’t have to wait long to find out, with the official reveal on Thursday. Stay tuned to find out their plans.

What else do we know about Madden NFL 22?

Not a lot yet. Although Madden is released each year in late August, no official release date has been announced.

A gameplay trailer is expected in July. This should be our first chance to see visual changes from previous years.

What we do know is that Madden NFL 22 will be the second version of the video game released for the latest generation of consoles. Last year, Madden NFL 21 was released just months before the next generation of consoles was released.

This time around, the developers have had a full year of model building to make better use of the latest video game technology available. If you had played Madden NFL 21 on PS4 and then tried the game on PS5, you probably didn’t notice much of a difference when it comes to the gameplay or the different features between the two consoles.

For Madden NFL 22, that should change. But with details to come, we don’t have any details.

Tips for buying an Xbox Series X or Playstation 5

Madden NFL 2022
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While it’s a lot easier said than done to get your hands on a new Xbox Series X or PS5 console, some helpful tech industry contributors have offered tips on how to acquire them. latest video game systems.

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