Driving Instructor Robert Bentley Talks About The Tasmanian Government’s Plates Plus Driver’s License Campaign | Avocado

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A driving instructor on the coast said driving tests had changed little in the more than four decades he has been teaching. Robert Bentley said he started doing license testing as a police officer in South Australia in 1976. “The license test we are doing now is pretty much the same,” Bentley said. He was speaking on Tuesday after the state government launched its new Plates Plus campaign for young drivers, which outlines a number of changes in the way driving is taught and tested in Tasmania, which will roll out in December . Transport Minister Michael Ferguson said the changes and the Plates Plus campaign were about road safety, but Bentley said while he welcomed the changes widely, the testing system did not focus enough on the changes. safe driving practices. “The campaign was launched to emphasize that change isn’t just about getting your L and P plates,” Ferguson said. “They will also give new drivers the knowledge and skills they need throughout their lives to ensure that they and the Tasmanian community are safer on the road. Mr Bentley was in favor of changes to the logbook hours for learners – 80 hours including 15 at night – and single passenger rules for P1 drivers. But he said the changes don’t focus on the skills the learner drives need to learn to actually operate a car safely. Hill starts, parking in reverse, and knowing how to check your mirror before braking are all things he noted as not being well emphasized. He also said that the technical language of the drivers’ logbook could be simplified, and he had spoken to the transport ministry about it. “You need a college degree to figure it out. It’s just unnecessarily complicated,” Mr. Bentley said. Another change he would like to see is the introduction of a second learner driver assessment. Among the changes that will be introduced on December 1 is a complete ban on mobile phone use, including hands-free, for learner drivers and P1 license holders. RACT welcomed the changes and said they would ensure driver safety. Visit platesplus.tas.gov.au for more information.


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