Details on the formation of the Hit Row faction in WWE NXT

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, AJ Francis aka Top Dolla commented on the formation of the Hit Row faction in WWE NXT:

“Well, I’ve been a part of this music conglomerate faction for a few years now, when I was at indies, when I was in 3D, my team was called The Row and I was Suga Bear, like a play drama on Suge Knight obviously. When I got to WWE, Ryan Katz, who works in creation for WWE, was like, ‘Hey man. We have you and Briana (B-Fab) and Tehuti (Ashante Adonis). You have good vibes together, I’d love to see what you can do together. ”So we got together and did something called The Hitmakers. And that was the original name of the crew. C it was just the three of us and we were working and everything was fine.

“And then just as we were about to leave, Hunter pulled me aside, took Swerve aside and said, ‘How cool would you be to work with Swerve too? And Swerve, they’re cool people. Swerve is actually a rapper. The thing is, if we were to add someone to the crew, it had to be genuine. It had to be someone who matched the crew. Briana is actually a rapper. I have two albums, I have done two tours, I have about five million streams. Swerve is actually a rapper. So adding it just adds more levels of authenticity. And it added a veteran to the team, it added someone who has had a namesake on TV since day one, and I think that’s the best thing that could happen to the team. Obviously, we all get along. It’s not a television prop, it’s not a creative thing. We can do our own thing, and it’s a prop for Triple H to understand that we have something different from what anyone else can do right now in the business. He just lets us go with it, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

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