Coronation Street fans baffled as baby Oliver ‘goes missing’ in tragic hospital scene

Coronation Street fans were puzzled as one character appeared to “disappear” during Friday’s dramatic episode.

Leanne Battersby and Steve McDonald were devastated after being told by a doctor that there were no more options to help their son Oliver, who is battling mitochondrial disease.

However, during the moving hospital scenes tonight, fans noticed that Oliver was not even in the hospital bed that Steve and Leanne were next to.

Viewers flooded Twitter, wondering where Oliver was.

One of them said, “I see a head … but where’s Oliver’s body?”

While another wrote: “There’s not even anyone in that #Corrie hospital bed.”

Corrie fans were puzzled by a mysteriously ‘missing’ character

“They could at least have put a pillow in the bed to make it look real !! #corrie,” a third wrote.

A fourth added: “Are they talking to an empty bed?”

Leanne and her boyfriend Nick Tilsley are having trouble getting online as she fears her baby, Oliver, may die.

Fans recently saw the doctor explain that Oliver’s seizures were getting out of hand and life sustaining was the only thing keeping the youngster alive.

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Oliver was missing from the hospital bed

After Leanne and Steve’s hopes are raised by the thought of a second opinion, they are soon shattered when told that Oliver will never be able to breathe without help.

Nick and Leanne are about to hit another rock patch after meeting their ex Natasha in one of the hospital hallways.

Could the couple rekindle their romance as tensions rise with Leanne, leading to a shocking future split?

According to Tombola, Coronation Street is the soap with the most splits among the top three soaps.

Leanne and Steve were devastated after learning that there were no more options to help their son Oliver

61 couples in Corrie have taken a bitter end since the soap launched in 1960, making it the worst place to get married in Soapland.

Could Nick and Leanne be the next couple to go their separate ways as they went their separate ways in tragedy?

Coronation Street continues Monday at 7:30 p.m. on ITV.

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