Simply Be – I Friesland Thu, 06 May 2021 04:59:05 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Simply Be – I Friesland 32 32 Soccer: Brentwood and Franklin earn opening byes in District 12-AAA ‘always tough’ tournament | Sports Thu, 06 May 2021 03:10:00 +0000 Dominant defense, a defining season for longtime coach Mike Purcell and just being back on the football pitch is not enough for the Brentwood High School boys’ football team. The Bruins want more, especially with the District 12-AAA tournament kicking off this week. “Our goal is always to make it to the national tournament and […]]]>

Dominant defense, a defining season for longtime coach Mike Purcell and just being back on the football pitch is not enough for the Brentwood High School boys’ football team. The Bruins want more, especially with the District 12-AAA tournament kicking off this week.

“Our goal is always to make it to the national tournament and even though we won the regular season title and got a pass in the area, it’s all about sowing now,” said Purcell, a veteran coach of 18 years old for the Bruins who took home the win. his 300th victory about two weeks ago. “We want to win the district tournament, but we’ll need our best games to win. Sometimes our toughest games in the entire playoff series are just trying to get out of the papa-gum neighborhood because it’s always tough.

For the first time since 2014, the Centennial High School boys’ soccer team will host a District 12-AAA quarterfinal game trying to reach the…

Brentwood will open the tournament on Tuesday against No. 4 winner Ravenwood against No. 5 Independence. These two, along with the No.6 centennial top seed, third seed, play the top seed on Friday night.

Second-seeded Franklin will face the Centennial Summit winner in the other semi-final next week.

The admirals have chained six consecutive victories between their two defeats. Franklin fell 2-1 to 2019 State Champion Grace Christian Academy in late March before beating their next six opponents 30-7. Brentwood ended the streak with a 2-0 shutout victory over Franklin on April 20 – Purcell’s 299th career victory.

“We played really well in this game,” said Purcell. “Our only flaw was against Ravenwood, but we still had to win and it came down to this last game.”

The Bruins clinched the district title and secured an automatic berth for the 6-AAA region with a 3-0 shutout at the Centennial on April 27. his ninth shutout.

Franklin coach Mike Burgoyne said his team used the loss as motivation to work harder to create easier opportunities for their forwards.

“We’ve gotten used to seeing some pretty spectacular goals from great players in this streak where we’ve got around 25 goals in four games,” said Burgoyne. “Then we had a drier period and that made us focus on how to create better opportunities.

“No matter who we face, it won’t be like the way we faced them earlier in the season. We hope we can play Brentwood again, however.

Franklin beat the Spartans 7-3 on April 1 and the Cougars 6-0 on March 26. The Admirals closed the regular season with a 2-0 shutout over Father Ryan after a 2-1 win over visiting Page.

Brentwood’s two losses this season are a 3-2 loss to Bearden in the first week of the season and a 1-0 loss to Hendersonville on April 15. Purcell credits his team’s defense for leading the Bruins.

Ryan Hayes and Carter Patton dominated and made Stegall’s life easier.

“Our defense can be so strong, there are games that (Stegall) could have put a chair outside to watch the game,” Purcell said. “At the same time, he’s grown up when we need him.”

Joyner has been involved in half of Brentwood’s goals this year, but has five teammates behind with at least 10 points as well. The Bruins have a lot of kids who can find the back of the net, Purcell said.

Brentwood tied Ravenwood 2-2 on March 26 at home and inflicted a 5-0 loss on Indy on March 30.

“No matter who we play, it will be a tough game,” Purcell said. “After missing out on last season, these guys dedicated themselves this year to the fact that they couldn’t play. They play for themselves, for this school and for the program. We have to bring our best game no matter what, because the other team certainly will.

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In a COVID world, America is divided on its common defense Wed, 05 May 2021 12:52:41 +0000 Just over a year after the marathon to bring the novel coronavirus under control, many Americans rightly ask when are we going to feel safe again? The answer is as delicate as the question. Our sense of security, as Americans, depends a lot on how we define security. Since the start of the pandemic, America’s […]]]>

Just over a year after the marathon to bring the novel coronavirus under control, many Americans rightly ask when are we going to feel safe again?

The answer is as delicate as the question. Our sense of security, as Americans, depends a lot on how we define security. Since the start of the pandemic, America’s perceptions of what keeps the country safe have changed dramatically. We don’t know enough about how Americans beyond the Beltway view the new dilemmas that the COVID era has crystallized.

We know that the pandemic has exposed the limited ability of governments to keep people safe. It has exposed the inadequacy and inequalities of public health systems, plunged the global economy into recession, disrupted supply chains, tested alliances and accelerated conflicts. The global race for racial justice in the United States, sparked by the police assassination of George Floyd as well as the racist response to the COVID-19 pandemic apparent in the recent surge in anti-Asian hate crimes have also demonstrated that the racism is a strategic responsibility for American leadership at home and abroad. Climate change, meanwhile, is advancing in the face of an inadequate response, as exemplified by the unprecedented fire season in the American West last year and power outages after the Texas snowstorm last month.

Now more than ever, US national security appears to be intertwined with globalized interdependence, the shifting demographics and cultural wars it produces, and a recognition of the unintended consequences of human domination over the natural world. But in the face of these interlocking crises of the commons, political polarization has divided Americans over what counts as security – and what it means to ensure common defense. Fueled in part by foreign and domestic disinformation, our growing distrust of government, democratic institutions, and each other widens the divide while hindering our ability to respond effectively. Republican political elites fueled the blaze, with some urging their supporters to join on January 6e Capitol uprising. History gives us few good tools – albeit many disheartening examples – for thinking about security in a fundamentally divided society.

This is not the first time that the United States has experienced a paradigm shift in the way it sees and redesigns the meaning of security. As in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, this moment seems to demand that we rewrite the American national security narrative. But it’s also a time when many Americans demand that we see how theoretical definitions of security don’t match their lived experience. So, as the first anniversary of the first COVID lockdown approached, we sought to see if we could map how America’s national security mental models have changed.

Our research included an analysis of public opinion polls as well as a review of publicly available intelligence assessments. We also conducted a media analysis to identify the most significant debates. While our review is by no means exhaustive, what we found in our study, The Sense of Security, is that ten years ago Americans most often identified “ traditional security threats. ” as terrorism, nuclear proliferation and energy security, as the most pressing national security threats facing the United States. Today, as these types of threats persist, a set of “non-traditional” security threats, ranging from the effects of climate change to racial and economic inequalities, are also high on the agenda.

We also found that while many leading experts first attempted to grapple with the idea of ​​post-COVID change, the debate on the expert circuit quickly moved back into familiar conventional frameworks. Some have written about how the pandemic will affect China’s rise to power. Others wondered how COVID fits into their pre-pandemic ideas about America’s decline and the changing nature of the international order. The interrelated challenges of mass unemployment, food insecurity, or supply chain issues in vaccine manufacturing and distribution were little discussed. Fewer have addressed the fuel mixture of pandemic panic and racially and religiously-tinged social fissures that severely cut America’s growing rural-urban divide.

Instead, the national security discourse around the pandemic has been largely reactive and may even revert to our pre-2020 understanding of the challenges we face. Moreover, the narratives of these challenges are often diametrically opposed across political and identity lines. In the absence of a substantial investment in building America’s resilience to these trends, the trend lines over the past decade and the accelerated effect of the Jan. 6 pandemic and insurgency suggest that the problems security – or, indeed, the American political arena more broadly – are unlikely. become less polarized in the short term.

Of course, this is not the first time that American society has been deeply polarized – but we should not rejoice in finding ourselves in an environment that is reminiscent of both the years leading up to the civil war and the political bickering, the divisions and violence that characterized the end of reconstruction. We’re also not the first to note that our theoretical definitions of security don’t align with the experiences of many Americans, especially people of color. But these trends, from the disproportionate effects of the pandemic on communities of color and women, to the growing nationwide movement for racial justice, have once again made it clear that our traditional conceptions of security do not. do not reflect the experiences of many today. .

This has profound implications for the future of US security policy. If strategists across cultures and centuries share one assumption, it is that an effective security policy requires a united population or at least consenting to its institutions and leaders. The current debate offers very few details on what it looks like for a society, let alone a democracy, to strengthen the security of a country whose residents do not share the same conceptions of the threats they face.

Yet this is exactly the situation in which Congress, the Biden administration – and we, the American people – find ourselves. Threats that were once considered purely national – polarization, political violence, or the functioning of internal institutions such as public health systems – are both affected by potential weapons and in the hands of foreign rivals and domestic provocateurs.

The United States faces an unprecedented array of traditional and new security threats. From the global pandemic and climate change to the resurgence of domestic violent extremism and a crisis of racial injustice in the country, these crises interact with each other to present a set of interrelated challenges that cannot be addressed alone. at the international or national political level or by simply reverting to old paradigms and theories. Instead, we’ll need to re-conceptualize what security means; explore how we can build paradigms that reconnect our polarized society; and respond to the security challenges we currently face in a way that opens doors to new, societal understanding rather than closing them.

If we fail to change the discourse on US national security and redefine it to reflect this reality, we could risk losing what we love about our country. As the Biden administration’s interim national security strategic direction states, “We cannot pretend that the world can simply be restored to the way it was 75, 30, or even four years ago. We can’t just go back to the way things were before. In foreign policy and national security, as in domestic policy, we must chart a new course. We will need to develop new ways of thinking about national security and the political tools we can use to address these issues.

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Hamish Bidwell: the expected revolution of rugby is within reach Thu, 29 Apr 2021 02:57:55 +0000 Notice – Who knows if New Zealand Rugby’s proposed deal with US private equity firm Silver Lake will come to fruition. To some extent, it doesn’t even matter. Photo: timhester / 123RF What’s important here is that the game said “enough”. By voting unanimously in favor of New Zealand Rugby’s (NZR) attempt to sell a […]]]>

Notice – Who knows if New Zealand Rugby’s proposed deal with US private equity firm Silver Lake will come to fruition. To some extent, it doesn’t even matter.

Photo: timhester / 123RF

What’s important here is that the game said “enough”. By voting unanimously in favor of New Zealand Rugby’s (NZR) attempt to sell a 12.5% ​​stake in its business interests in Silver Lake, New Zealand’s 26 provincial unions have started the work needed to wrestle control of rugby to players and their union.

I’m not necessarily a big fan of Silver Lake or private investment. But I’m completely fed up – as the NZR and the provincial unions seem to be too – of the reluctance of the New Zealand Rugby Players’ Association (NZRPA) to show any respect for the game it is bankrupting.

Rugby – as in the game that exists beyond the All Blacks and Super Rugby level – is dying. Neglect is the main cause, as virtually every available dollar is spent on satisfying the whims and fancies of our elite players.

Silver Lake will not solve NZR’s problems. It won’t fund the various programs that the game needs to survive, or even meet the endless salary demands of NZRPA members, but it will at least save the governing body some time.

Assuming – of course – that NZR and the players’ association can come to accommodation.

Read more:

The two sides have reportedly sat in seven mediation sessions over the past few weeks with no grounds being given up. NZR, which reported a loss of $ 34 million for fiscal 2020, needs players to agree to the Silver Lake deal and so far their response has essentially been ‘stuffed’.

There are several reasons why rugby has meant so much to so many New Zealanders over the years. We all love a winner and – more often than not – the All Blacks do pretty well, which certainly helps.

But one of the huge advantages of the game here has always been its relatability.

Chances are you’ve encountered an All Black. Either your dad went to school with one, or a couple lives in your suburb, or several started their rugby adventure at the club your family is linked to.

Either way, the degrees of separation between us and the Provincial and Super and All Black stars that we see on TV have been minimal. For generations, these outstanding performers have been largely like the rest of us, walking the same streets and driving similar cars and rarely putting ourselves on a pedestal.

Anger and tiaras was a documentary made about rockstar Elton John. Haven’t seen it myself, but the title comes to mind whenever I hear an All Black – or Rob Nichol from NZRPA – talk about how difficult they are.

The way they relentlessly oppose any attempt to generate income from NZR always reminds me of precious puppies in ivory towers, crying over the unfairness of it all.

Now, maybe not all of our All Blacks behave that way, but – let’s be honest – it’s hard not to suspect that one or two are doing it.

Most of the time it worked. The NZR, the super franchises and the provinces have consistently granted most requests, ensuring that this country’s elite players are rarely – if ever – required to do what they don’t want to do.

But not today. No, today united rugby. Rugby has shown its unequivocal support for the Silver Lake accord, leaving the NZRPA as the only obstacle.

Few people like to be hated. Teams and athletes keep telling themselves that the world is against them and that no one respects them, but none of this is real.

Despite everything our top rugby players say about never reading the paper, listening to the radio, watching TV or responding to people on social media, they remain incredibly susceptible to clashes.

As their cars and homes get bigger and their vacations more lavish, it’s ironic that it’s critically that players stay connected to us. Try as best they can to place themselves above us, our opinion continually brings them back to earth.

And this is how you imagine this problem will be solved. As rugby rallies and creates a united front, it is no longer the greatness of the players that sets them apart, but their smallness.

If enough people – from grassroots fans to all rugby administrators – have a dark enough view of players, they will ultimately want to save face. The idea that everyone is actually against them for once will be just too much.

But NZR needs to keep its cool here. Today’s vote was an encouraging start, but the battle to put players in their place has not been won.

With all due respect to Super Rugby Aotearoa what happens next promises to be more entertaining than anything we’ve seen on the park.

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Michigan took little action on police reform after George Floyd died Wed, 21 Apr 2021 17:06:00 +0000

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Protesters take to the streets of Detroit after the death of George Floyd.  - STEVE NEAVLING

  • Steve Neavling
  • Protesters take to the streets of Detroit after the death of George Floyd.

In the months following George Floyd’s death, Michigan lawmakers and other top elected officials promised significant police reforms.

The proposals ranged from banning strangles and interdiction warrants to calling for de-escalation and anti-bias training.

Almost a year has passed and on Tuesday Minneapolis Constable Derek Chauvin was convicted of unintentional second degree murder, third degree murder and second degree manslaughter after digging his knee into Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes.

But lawmakers have not enacted a single bill to reform the police, making Michigan one of the few states that did not pass legislation against police brutality after Floyd’s death.

Now Democrats, including Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel, are renewing their efforts to improve police accountability and tackle racial bias in policing. The only problem: Republicans who control State House and the Senate are not advancing legislation.

“Following this verdict, I am focusing even more on passing laws to improve policing with: citizen surveillance, demilitarization, better training, independent malpractice investigations and law that revokes the certification of officers who mistreat citizens, ”Senator Jeff Irwin, D-Ann Arbor, who pledged in June to“ change the culture of the police, ”tweeted Tuesday.

Irwin sponsored a bill that would require new officers to train in implicit bias, de-escalation techniques, and mental health screening. The bill was passed unanimously by the Senate but remained stuck in the House.

Michigan Senate Democrats also introduced a package of police reform bills on October 1 that would strengthen law enforcement and social worker relations, create more opportunities to take down bad cops. , protect people who file complaints against the police and make it a crime. dial 911 with false racist allegations. The legislation is at a standstill.

In June, Whitmer unveiled a broad plan for police reform, ranging from proposing to ban strangulations to requiring independent inquiries into police deaths. The measure would also limit no-strike warrants and force officers to intervene when they observe colleagues using excessive force. Even though the plan was approved by Michigan State Police and the Detroit Police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association, it was also blocked.

“After the tragic deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Governor Whitmer immediately set to work with key community leaders and law enforcement officials in our state to improve policing in a way that creates a system. fairer and more equitable law enforcement, ”Whitmer spokesperson Bobby Leddy Recounted Metro timetable in a report. “As our country renews its calls for changes in policing practices, Governor Whitmer hopes the legislature will work with her to reach agreement on common sense reforms that will build a better system of trust and accountability. ”

To keep track of bad cops, Attorney General Dana Nessel has proposed creating a statewide publicly accessible database of agents who have been at fault. The registry is part of a seven-point plan designed to hold police more accountable and increase transparency so problem cops cannot move from city to city with impunity.

Under the plan, the Michigan Law Enforcement Standards Commission would have the power to strip officers of their misconduct licenses, officers who commit misconduct crimes in the line of duty would lose. their retirement benefits, law enforcement agencies would be required to report the use of – force data and maintain disciplinary records for each officer, and police would be mandated to undergo training on de-escalation and implicit bias .

The legislature did not act on the proposals.

“It is up to the leaders of our communities, our state and our nation to effect change,” Nessel said in a statement. “The murder of Mr. Floyd by a man wearing the uniform of those who have sworn to serve and protect cannot be passed as another unfortunate moment in our country’s history. We cannot simply be satisfied with a guilty verdict. It must be a catalyst for change. ”

Lavora Barnes, president of the Michigan Democratic Party, called on Republicans to act.

“Our black and brown sisters and brothers are still not safe in America,” Barnes said. “We need real law enforcement reform before real justice, not just accountability, is done.”

Republican State House and Senate leaders did not return Metro timetable‘calls for a comment.

Stay up to date with news and views from Detroit. Sign up for our weekly newsletter delivered every Wednesday.

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10 ways Black Widow’s solo movie is too small, too late Fri, 16 Apr 2021 03:50:57 +0000 Black Widow was first introduced towards the start of the Infinity Saga, in Iron man 2 during phase 1, but she never got her own origin movie. Over the years, the fan call for the MCU to direct a Black Widow solo movie has grown louder and louder. Despite this, the MCU still hasn’t released […]]]>

Black Widow was first introduced towards the start of the Infinity Saga, in Iron man 2 during phase 1, but she never got her own origin movie. Over the years, the fan call for the MCU to direct a Black Widow solo movie has grown louder and louder. Despite this, the MCU still hasn’t released a solo movie for the hero.

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The only female character to have gotten her own solo film in the franchise so far has been Captain Marvel in her eponymous 2019 film. Black Widow is finally set to receive its solo film more than a decade after its first introduction. Sadly, for many fans, the Black Widow solo movie is too small, too late.

ten Most of the original Avengers team got original movies in phase 1

The original six Avengers were almost fully fleshed out before they were united in The Avengers in 2012. Tony Stark had two films, Iron Man and Iron Man 2, while Steve Rogers, Thor and Bruce Banner each have one –Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor, and The Incredible Hulk, respectively.

Sadly, however, Hawkeye and Black Widow did not get such original films. At least Hawkeye got to to be Hawkeye in Thor when it was first presented. Black Widow was incognito when introduced during Iron Man 2, and so the character never had a real origin. It has been over a decade now, so it is certainly far too late.

9 Black Widow’s solo movie is a prequel – over a decade after its introduction


The fact that Black Widow died in Avengers: Endgame surprised many fans. Not only was Hawkeye the most obvious choice to make the final sacrifice, Black Widow still hadn’t received her solo film. When Black Widow was finally announced, the MCU declared the film to be a prequel.

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Fans then began to expect the film to be about Black Widow. before the events of the MCU, but the movie takes place right after Captain America: Civil War. The universe has to go back in time, but they weren’t willing to commit to going back and retroactively giving Black Widow its own origin.

8 Everyone is already speculating that the film will be used to create a new black widow

The Black Widow Florence Pugh Yelena Belova

While Black Widow is supposed to be a movie about Natasha Romanoff, who has been the only black widow in the MCU so far, fans are already speculating that there will be a lot more to this movie. Black Widow will not only star Natasha, but also Yelena Belova, one of the other black widows in the comics.

While she may just be another character in the movie, all signs point to Florence Pugh’s Yelena repossessing Natasha’s Black Widow title in the movies. It could be great, because Florence Pugh is amazing, but it’s a shame for Natasha as a character.

7 Fans were clamoring for a Black Widow solo movie years ago

black widow mcu

The MCU seemed to almost start playing a game with Black Widow at one point. There were frequent teases for a possible Black Widow solo movie, but never any concrete plans. It wasn’t until fans began to actively abandon the pursuit of the film that Marvel and Disney panicked and rushed him.

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Of course this came after Black Widow was already dead in the MCU. If the franchise had actually started making the movie when fans started clamoring for it, that would still be relevant. However, their odd acting and long wait inevitably means that the film, upon release, will ultimately be completely irrelevant.

6 The MCU has had a problem with women from the start

It’s been evident from the very beginning that the MCU struggled to introduce its female characters. Women in the MCU have always taken precedence over men, and that has been true since the very first movie. The Avengers was the first film to have a heroine in a leading role.

In fact, one heroine didn’t even get her name in the title of an MCU movie until Ant-Man and the Wasp in 2018, the twentieth movie in the franchise. The MCU never really cared about their non-male characters, and the Black Widow movie coming into play so late is just further proof of that fact.

5 Marvel makes fans more happy than telling a story

The fact that it took the MCU so long to present a Black Widow movie actually indicates several things. Not only does this make it clear that the MCU doesn’t care much about their female characters, but it’s also clear that this movie is not so much about the story itself as it is about fan satisfaction – or, at least. , claim to satisfy Fans.

For a while, viewers wanted to see a Black Widow movie out of interest in the character. Once fans realized Marvel was holding back on purpose and started getting rightfully angry, Marvel rushed forward. Black Widow. While receiving the movie is thrilling, the movie takes so long to release actually shows Marvel more interested in silencing fans than telling a good story about Natasha.

4 Black Widow has always been placed in the background of everyone’s stories

The MCU expects audiences to be thankful for the release’s amazingly high-performance action Black Widow now, but the way the franchise has treated her over the years proves how little they think about her.

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Although she has starred in many MCU movies since her introduction, she has never starred in any of them. She has been a supportive teammate, helpful spy, and romantic interest, but never the star of her own story. The fact that she is having her own solo movie after never being considered a star is insulting.

3 Joss Whedon started a model that decimated Black Widow as a character

After Joss Whedon was hired to finish Justice League after Zack Snyder had to resign, he completely destroyed the film. There was a lot of little information released about the film’s set afterwards, including the fact that Joss Whedon continually referred to Wonder Woman as “Natasha.”

He clearly never saw Natasha as his own character, but rather as a projection of everything he felt about women – which were mostly negative feelings. It wasn’t well written from the start, and that established pattern continued throughout the MCU.

2 This movie takes place halfway through the existing timeline

Black Widow - Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh

Inexplicably, Black Widow takes place midway through the current MCU timeline. As previously mentioned, Black WidowThe plot of will follow the events of Civil war as Natasha finds herself in hiding and without her Avengers teammates.

She has to go back to old relationships, but the movie doesn’t even come back enough to feature those relationships. The film’s placement in the saga hardly makes retroactive sense. Black Widow should have gone out before Doctor Strange even made it to be chronologically meaningful, but, again, the MCU did too little, too late.

1 Black Widow passed away before having her solo movie

Of course, the ultimate proof that Black Widow’s solo movie is too small, too late is the fact that Black Widow is already dead in the MCU. While characters like Tony Stark were practically the star of the franchise before they made their sacrifices and passed away, Natasha didn’t stand a chance.

Even after his passing, Iron Man had his own memorial, and Black Widow got nothing at all. The MCU that kills Black Widow before willingly giving her a movie is too little, too late – and honestly, they’ll never be able to go back and fix it.

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Infinity War: 5 Ways Thanos Was Vindicated (& 5 Times He Goed Too Far)

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Top 10 Best Beach Mat For Sands 2021 – Bestgamingpro Thu, 15 Apr 2021 11:51:25 +0000 Top 10 Best Beach Mat For Sands 2021 1. ISOPHO Beach Blanket, 79”×83” Picnic Blankets Waterproof Sandproof for 4-7 Adults, Oversized Lightweight Beach Mat, Portable Picnic Mat, Sand Proof Mat for Travel, Camping, Hiking, Packable w/Bag 🌊【sturdy design】this mat is stitched in orange and gray with our personal patented expertise, with high quality in look […]]]>

Top 10 Best Beach Mat For Sands 2021

1. ISOPHO Beach Blanket, 79”×83” Picnic Blankets Waterproof Sandproof for 4-7 Adults, Oversized Lightweight Beach Mat, Portable Picnic Mat, Sand Proof Mat for Travel, Camping, Hiking, Packable w/Bag

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  • 🌊【multifunctional use】seashore blanket additionally can be utilized as a rain shelter (it has a water-proof degree increased than the umbrella), emergency mat/pad whereas touring, seashore blanket, water resistance tarp, picnic blanket, pocket blanket, floor cowl, waterproof barrier, and so on. it will also be used as a toy mat for youngsters at residence. cling it in your backpack and our seashore mats will…
  • 🌊【outsized however straightforward to pack】the 79”×83” dimension seashore/picnic blanket comfy match Three-5 adults. this mat has been designed to be light-weight that quantity solely Four.7”x3.2”x6.Three” after folding and it weighs solely zero.35kg(the smaller ones can be smaller and lighter). so it may be shortly and simply be loaded into our storage bag, this course of is straightforward and handy. you c…
  • 🌊【sand proof & water resistant】this mat is constituted of 210t polyester, and it might successfully forestall water and rips from damaging it. sandproof: you possibly can simply do away with sand or different particles by frivolously shaking the seashore mat. successfully forestall the sand from sticking to the mat. you’ll be capable of hold the gadgets on the mat clear always. the seashore blanket could be was…
  • 🌊【buyer satisfaction guaranteed】 isopho seashore blanket gives 60 days a refund, 2 years alternative guarantee and lifelong technical help. please be at liberty to contact us when you’ve got any questions or points with the standard. we’ll work with you to offer a refund or alternative service.

2. ABETER Sand Free Beach Mat Blanket Sand Proof Magic Sandless Sand Dirt & Dust Disappear Fast Dry Easy to Clean Waterproof Rug Avoid Sand Dirt and Grass Keep Everything Clean

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  • Intimate service: twin layer mesh expertise, it permits sand to fall straight by means of leaving the mat free from sand! no one likes sand throughout their seashore mat when they’re about to solar bathtub!
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  • Enormous however foldable- the outside blanket dimension is about 60″ * 80″(145*200cm, after folded dimension: about 32*18 cm ) and may comfortably match as much as Four-6 adults; nice so that you can perform to travelling and outside actions.picnic mat/seashore mat with deal with transportable.
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  • Gentle and transportable when folded: consult with determine Four, in seconds, this foldable blanket turns into a light-weight, simply transportable tote. seashore, the park or your personal yard. use it indoors, the park or your personal backyar, seashore.

4. ECCOSOPHY Sandproof Beach Blanket – Oversized Sand Free Beach Mat 9’x10′ – Lightweight Outdoor Mat – Double Anchored with 4 Corner Sand Pockets & Plastic Stakes – Heat Proof, Quick Drying & Compact

  • ☀️ hang around comfortably at any outside exercise with this 100% breathable, warmth resistant, extraordinarily tender & comfy ripstop parachute material; massive sufficient for teenagers, associates & their stuff!
  • ☀️ born for enjoyable actions & journey so was this seashore blanket! it comes with all of the bells & whistles to maintain you comfy & clear. a tarp that is mechanically cleanable & air dries tremendous quick!
  • ☀️ sand free days with household & friends- that is the perfect seashore accent to personal; the sand does not persist with this materials – shake it off & get pleasure from a sand proof day on the seashore, ultimate for tenting too
  • ☀️ journey gentle & carefree; throw it in your bag, automobile or suitcase & have a floor cowl to sit down or lie down on on the seashore, camp, hike, pageant sport occasion, or anyplace actually!
  • ✅ keep grounded with 2 anchor techniques fill nook pockets with sand or use stakes on strong floor

5. Mumu Sugar Sand Free Beach Mat Oversized 82″x79″ Sand Proof Beach Blanket Outdoor Picnic Mat for Travel, Camping, Hiking and Music Festivals-Lightweight Quick Drying Heat Resistant

  • ✅【sand free, waterproof&puncture resistant 】mumu sugar outside seashore blanket is totally sand free and waterproof. simply shake the blanket, the sand brushes proper off the blanket and the beads roll off. mumu sugar good dimension sand free seashore blanket offers you an satisfying sand free seashore day!
  • ✅【multifunctional seashore blanket】our sand resistant seashore mat is the only option for seashores, picnics, parks, household journeys, sports activities occasions, open-air festivals, tenting, mountaineering, fishing, different events and outside actions.
  • ✅【 outsized of sand free seashore mat】82″ x 79″ (6.9ft x 6.6ft)sized picnic /seashore blanket will comfortably match Four-6 adults .our seashore mat could be simply folded down into the connected 5.1‘’×6.3‘’ carried bag so you possibly can carry it in hand throughout.
  • ✅【sturdy, light-weight & compact seashore blanket】 constituted of fast drying, breathable rip-stop nylon,our sand free seashore blanket is the proper selection in your travels & the outside. outside seashore blanket will final for years of use. tender and pores and skin pleasant material ensures that sand could be simply disregarded the blanket, and water will shortly dry inside minutes, not like a re…
  • ✅【lifetime assure for our seashore mat 】 together with 1*carry bag and Four *anchor stakes, our sand free seashore blanket affords locations to storage your mat or put your valuables like your cellphone, keys, and and so on.we provide lifetime assure for our sand blanket. if you’re sad with this seashore blanket, please be at liberty to contact us!

6. Mumu Sugar Sand Free Beach Blanket, Extra Large Waterproof Beach Mat-Lightweight Quick Drying Heat Resistant Outdoor Picnic mat for Travel, Camping, Hiking and Music Festivals(82” X79”)

  • ✅【outsized household size】-the seashore blanket is 82”*79”, which might simply accommodate as much as Four-6 individuals. good dimension for having fun with seashore time with a bunch of associates or household.
  • ✅【straightforward pack & anchored】- one carry bag with buckles and Four *anchor stakes,our seashore blanket designed affords loads of locations to place your valuables together with a pocket with buckles to retailer your cellphone, keys, sun shades, sunscreen or different seashore gears.
  • ✅【sand free seashore mat】- with our sand free seashore blanket,sand, filth & mud will disappear earlier than your eyes. you possibly can benefit from the lovely seashores or grass around the globe with out the annoyance of sand and filth getting throughout your garments/physique.
  • ✅【quick dry & water proof】 fabricated from sturdy, light-weight and breathable 100% parachute nylon ,this seashore blanket will quick dry and water proof.outside seashore mat is waterproof high (polyester) & waterproof backside (pvc).
  • ✅【multi purpose】- our sand free seashore blanket is nice for seashores, picnics, parks, household journeys, sports activities occasions, open-air festivals, tenting, mountaineering, fishing, different events and outside activies. you should use it as yoga mat, child play mat. good match together with your seashore towel, seashore tent, umbrella, chairs. 100% satisfaction! for any high quality points together with your seashore mat, we…

7. SGODDE Beach Blanket Sand Free Beach Mat Oversized 79″X83″ Sandproof Waterproof Picnic Blankets with 4 Fastening Corners, Fast Drying, Portable Mat for Travel, Picnics, Camping, Hiking Light Blue

  • 【sand-resistant, waterproof and dry-quick】 seashore blankets fabricated from 210t high-quality polyester, waterproof, sandproof, filth, with good air flow, straightforward upkeep and quick-drying, innocent, tasteless, heat-insulated and tear. it is superior to standard nylon merchandise; say goodbye to all of the annoying sand that sticks to the peculiar seashore blanket! sgodde seashore …
  • 【multifunctional】 our seashore blanket is waterproof and sturdy. it may be used for acute rain safety, as an indoor youngsters’s play mat, as an out of doors picnic mat, and so on. it’s a multifunctional mat for indoor and outside use. this mat can be utilized as a visor material, picnic blanket, and the like youngsters’s toy pillow. the seashore blanket is a perfect present for household and frien…
  • 【oversize & hold stable】 picnic blanket/seashore blanket measures 79″x83″ (200 * 210 cm) and is appropriate for the entire household( round Four -7 youngsters and adults). we offer you 4 poles without spending a dime, you possibly can connect them by means of the ring in each nook on the seashore and with 4 built-in pockets, you possibly can sand lay in to stop the seashore blanket from being blown away by the wind in…
  • 【foldable and portable】 the picnic mat is folded 19 * 14 * 14 cm small, smaller than a smartphone when it’s folded. the seashore mat weighs solely 320 grams. the size of the picnic blankets is 14.5 cm. the seashore blanket can be provided with a storage bag in your private belongings. straightforward to move. a mountaineer’s bag could be hung. or simply suits within the trunk of the c…
  • 【12 months satisfied】a fantastic journey equipment. consists of Four stake anchors, a security carabiner, and a carry bag. risk-free purchasing! if you’re not proud of it. contact us, 100% refund inside 30 days, no danger. we’ve a 100% satisfaction obligation for each purchaser.

8. Beach Blanket Sand Proof, Sand Free and Waterproof Combined – Extra Large Outdoor Beach Mat/Sand Mat, Quick Drying and Washable, Lightweight & Durable, Big Blanket and Compact(6.6′ X 7.2′, Blue)

  • ✅ ✦highest-quality✦ our product is manufactured from the very best high quality supplies available on the market, which makes it sturdy, tender and pleasant. our seashore blanket comes as full package deal which incorporates Four robust metallic stakes, compact bag and robust carabiner – this product will final for years.
  • ✅ ✦gentle & portable✦ our massive seashore blanket comes properly folded in a compact trendy designed eight.5″ x 6″ carrying bag. you possibly can take it all over the place simply, put it inside each bag or simply connect it together with your carabiner.
  • ✅ ✦new design✦ seashore blanket with a brand new expertise that mixes each waterproof material and sand free / sand proof mat into one product. this distinctive expertise lower the sand out of your legs whereas offers you a clear tender space to lie down comfortably!
  • ✅ ✦straightforward to clean✦ the sand is brushed so simply you won’t imagine it, simply shake it and pack it! our waterproof blanket dries immediately and utterly washable.
  • ✅ ✦life warranty✦ buyer satisfaction is an important factor for our firm. simply strive our product and we promise it will likely be the precise choice. if not, you possibly can all the time return the product with no questions requested

9. Lopie Sand Proof Blanket Sand Free Lightweight Compact Large Beach Towel Mat Fast Dry Waterproof Easy Clean Ultra Portable Blanket (Blue, 79″×79″)

  • Superior and convenient: simply flip and shake, and the sand will fall by means of the mesh. straightforward for carry and storage, ultra-lightweight,it’s has large dimension can slot in to bag .
  • Household dimension: the seashore blanket (outsized) could be anchored firmly in any place. not just for seashore, this sand free mat will also be used when mountaineering, tenting, and outside actions.
  • Sandfree and waterproof :this waterproof seashore mat can hold you distant from sand and water.including a towel on this blanket can be extra comfy.
  • Fast dry:spillage from drinks ,wet grass and filth are usually not an inconvenience as these go straight by means of making a dry floor virtually immediately
  • Straightforward cleanning:can be immediately washed by washer or palms, not shed and fade. simply cleaned and dries immediately. this mat is completely good and important for all households with infants, toddlers and youngsters.the seashore.

10. veecom Beach Blanket, Beach Blanket Sand Proof 9’x 10′ Oversized for 8 Adults, Beach Mat Sand Free Waterproof Outdoor Picnic Blanket for Camping, Travel, 4 Stakes, Corner Pockets (Blue-9’×10′)

  • 🌊 waterproof blanket 🌊 100% rip-stop polyester blanket has stronger sturdiness and waterproof perform, tightly stitched for max energy, high devices as sandless blanket, picnic mat, tenting tarp, pageant gear, outside blanket or seashore items
  • 🌊 outsized for all household 🌊 10‘x9′(300cmx280cm) is over 30% greater than most different blankets, sufficient to suit above eight adults, let your loved ones or associates sit round collectively, it will likely be your ultimate trip necessities, seashore equipment, tenting provides, high devices for journey
  • 🌞 sand free mat 🌞 no extra mess up your blanket, veecom seashore mat is fabricated from easy materials, it’s straightforward to wash, and you’ll simply do away with sand or different particles by frivolously shaking the seashore mat, say goodby to annoying sand that sticked when lay on the beauiful seashore
  • 🏖 outside windproof 🏖 this tenting blanket is filled with Four sturdy stakes and Four large nook pockets, you possibly can replenish with sand or stones to maintain your blanket in place even in windy days, no extra fear blowing away,it will likely be your high seashore gear on this summer season
  • 🏖 nice journey blanket 🏖 straightforward to fold with tender and light-weight materials, compact dimension is handy to retailer right into a small pouch. want a picnic mat, outside blanket, pocket blanket, floor cowl, or a water-proof tarp whereas backpacking, discover it in your backbag

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Germany’s highest court overturns Berlin rent freeze Thu, 15 Apr 2021 11:03:14 +0000 The German Constitutional Court has overturned the city of Berlin’s controversial rent ceiling, after a year of legal battles between supporters of landlords and real estate companies, and grassroots activists fighting against rising rents in the capital. In its ruling on Thursday, the country’s highest court declared rent control in Berlin null and void, saying […]]]>

The German Constitutional Court has overturned the city of Berlin’s controversial rent ceiling, after a year of legal battles between supporters of landlords and real estate companies, and grassroots activists fighting against rising rents in the capital.

In its ruling on Thursday, the country’s highest court declared rent control in Berlin null and void, saying the federal government had already passed laws to regulate the rental market and no further action was needed from regional authorities.

“There is no room for state legislative power, due to the blocking effect of federal law,” the court said in its ruling.

The nationwide rent freeze in 2015 in Germany was aimed at controlling prices in desirable residential areas. But last year, the Berlin Senate imposed its own rental caps in response to popular campaigns claiming national law did not go far enough to tackle gentrification and skyrocketing prices in Berlin. Before the pandemic, the city had become a haven for Brexit refugees, artists and aspiring tech entrepreneurs, with its population growing by 40,000 per year.

Real estate companies, the construction industry and conservative politicians have reacted with outrage, arguing that the move could devastate Berlin’s investment climate, already plagued by excessive bureaucracy and planning delays.

The Constitutional Court effectively upheld a complaint against the rent cap brought by 280 members of the Bundestag of the center-right CDU / CSU bloc and the pro-business Free Democratic Party who gathered to claim that the Berlin government had exceeded its limits. powers by promulgating the law, getting lost in an area which was the sole responsibility of the federal authorities.

Shares rose in German real estate companies invested in Berlin, including Vonovia and Deutsche Wohnen (DW), Berlin’s largest lessor and one of the main targets of those battling rising rents in the capital.

When Berlin’s regulations came into effect, many landlords notified tenants that they might be required to repay rent reduced by the cap, if the court ruled in their favor. But owner Vonovia announced after the decision that he would not be asking for a rent refund.

Speaking to German newspaper Der Spiegel, Vonovia boss Rolf Boch said the verdict would not resolve growing tensions in the city, nor its housing crisis.

“It would be an illusion to believe that the decision will simply be accepted by politicians and initiatives and that everything will be brought back to the time before the introduction of the rent cap,” he said.

The cap received popular support in Berlin, particularly due to anger towards private developers such as DW, who gained a reputation for renovating buildings and then increasing rents. The company claims that its prices have always been in compliance with the regulations.

Berlin tenant groups routinely accuse large real estate companies of not performing maintenance or fixing the heating, leading to multiple complaints during sub-zero temperatures this winter.

Opponents of Berlin’s rental cap, however, argued that the regulations would never have solved tenant problems and could instead worsen the supply of rental housing by discouraging investment and construction.

“Instead of token populist politics, effective realpolitik measures are needed to ease the pressure on housing markets,” said Wolfgang Steiger, secretary general of the CDU’s Economic Council. “What we need above all are faster construction or type approval procedures. . . The influx into metropolitan areas can only be absorbed by the construction of new apartments. “

But the fight seems far from over in Berlin.

A movement of activists and residents is already pursuing a more radical move – a campaign called “Expropriate Deutsche Wohnen & Co”, which demands that Berlin “socialize” around 200,000 apartments, most of which belong to DW.

Rent-cap supporters Thursday saw a silver lining in the court’s decision to block state legislation, saying they could still fight gentrification and skyrocketing rents by fighting nationally.

“If the federal states cannot regulate it, we will turn to the federal government with all our might and in a national way #Mietenstopp [rent cap]The Berlin Tenants Association wrote on Twitter. “Fight for millions of tenant households in Germany who need security!”

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Are you shopping for a house? Be prepared to make a serious money deposit Thu, 15 Apr 2021 11:00:26 +0000 If you want a seller to take you seriously, have the cash available to cover that cost. When making an offer to purchase a home, you will almost certainly need to include a serious deposit of money as part of your proposed purchase agreement. A serious money deposit is money you deposit with an escrow […]]]>

If you want a seller to take you seriously, have the cash available to cover that cost.

When making an offer to purchase a home, you will almost certainly need to include a serious deposit of money as part of your proposed purchase agreement.

A serious money deposit is money you deposit with an escrow agent (a trusted third party, such as a lawyer or securities firm). It’s usually around 1% to 3% of the purchase price, although the amount may differ – and larger deposits can make your offer more attractive to sellers.

This is important because a deposit shows that you are serious about the purchase, and home sellers will usually decline your offer if you don’t promise to make a deposit.

This can mean that you need several thousand dollars to hand if you don’t want your home buying efforts to go off the rails.

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Why you need to make a serious money deposit

When you make an offer to buy your home, the exchange of funds and transfer of ownership will not happen for several weeks, if not months. Indeed, the sale of a home is a complicated transaction that usually involves an inspection, an appraisal and a bank review to approve the financing.

Once they have accepted your offer, sellers must list their home as “on hold”. This means that most other potential buyers will not be interested in looking at the property. Sellers won’t want to put their home on hold unless you show you’re serious about the purchase. And this is where your serious money deposit comes in.

When you make your deposit, you demonstrate that you are committed to purchasing the property under the terms of the contract. You will usually make your offer contingent (conditioned on) certain things that occur, such as a satisfactory home inspection. If these conditions are met and you decide not to complete the sale, you will lose your security deposit. This protects sellers and gives them the confidence to list homes as on hold while other necessary steps to purchase are completed.

As long as you make the sale, your down payment will simply be applied to your down payment or other purchase costs at closing. If you renounce a home purchase contract for a valid reason, such as major problems during the inspection that lead to the contract being canceled, you will get your security deposit back.

While there’s clearly a good reason sellers require this deposit, the problem is, it can cost a lot of money if you’re not prepared for it. This is especially true if you make a small down payment and get a mortgage to cover most or all of the cost of the house. You won’t get your mortgage closed until you’ve accepted an offer and completed all of the pre-purchase steps. But you might not be able to start this process without some serious money deposit.

To make sure your dreams of home ownership aren’t derailed by not having those funds, it’s a good idea to start saving as soon as possible for the money you’ll need to deposit. That way, you’ll be ready to make an offer that has a much better chance of being accepted when you find your dream home.

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If you bought SBI cards and payment services (NSE: SBICARD) a year ago, you could pocket a 78% gain today Thu, 15 Apr 2021 09:57:56 +0000 SBI cards and limited payment services (NSE: SBICARD) Shareholders saw the share price drop 12% over the month. But that fact in itself shouldn’t obscure what quite decent returns have been over the past year. We say this because the stock (which is up 78%) actually outperformed the market return by (71%). Check out our […]]]>

SBI cards and limited payment services (NSE: SBICARD) Shareholders saw the share price drop 12% over the month. But that fact in itself shouldn’t obscure what quite decent returns have been over the past year. We say this because the stock (which is up 78%) actually outperformed the market return by (71%).

Check out our latest review for SBI cards and payment services

To quote Buffett, “Ships will go around the world but the Flat Earth Society will thrive. There will always be wide spreads between price and value in the market … ” An imperfect but simple way to consider how a company’s market perception has changed is to compare the change in earnings per share (EPS ) with the action. price movement.

Over the past year, SBI Cards and Payment Services actually saw its earnings per share drop by 37%.

So we don’t think investors are paying too much attention to BPA. This is because when EPS goes down but the stock price goes up, it often means that the market is taking other factors into account.

We are skeptical of the suggestion that the 0.1% dividend yield would attract buyers to the stock. We believe the 5.2% revenue growth may be of interest to some investors. We are seeing some companies cut their profits in order to accelerate revenue growth.

You can see how revenue and income have evolved over time in the image below (click on the graph to see the exact values).

NSEI: SBICARD profit and revenue growth April 15, 2021

SBI Cards and Payment Services is a well-known stock, with abundant analyst coverage, suggesting some visibility into future growth. Given that we have a fairly good number of analyst forecasts, it might be worth checking this out. free graph showing consensus estimates.

A different perspective

The shareholders of SBI Cards and Payment Services have gained 78% in twelve months (including dividends), which is not far from the market return of 71%. Unfortunately, the share price is down 6.5% in the last quarter. It could just be that the stock price has gotten a head start, although you might want to check for weak results. While it is worth considering the different impacts that market conditions can have on the share price, other factors are even more important. Like risks, for example. Every company has them, and we’ve spotted 3 warning signs for SBI cards and payment services (of which 1 is not great with us!) you should know.

We will like SBI cards and payment services better if we see large insider buying. While we wait watch this free list of growing companies with recent and significant insider buying.

Please note that the market returns quoted in this article reflect the market-weighted average returns of stocks that currently trade on the IN exchanges.

If you decide to trade SBI cards and payment services, use the cheapest platform * ranked # 1 overall by Barron’s, Interactive Brokers. Trade stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds and funds in 135 markets, all from one integrated account.

This Simply Wall St article is general in nature. It does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any stock, and does not take into account your goals or your financial situation. We aim to bring you long-term, targeted analysis based on fundamental data. Note that our analysis may not take into account the latest announcements from price sensitive companies or qualitative information. Simply Wall St has no position in any of the stocks mentioned.
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Do you have any comments on this article? Concerned about the content? Get in touch with us directly. You can also send an email to the editorial team (at)

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