Atlantis FOUND under Antarctic ice? Google Earth ‘exhibits four ancient buildings’

Conspiracy theorists have long searched for the mythical city, which Plato first spoke about.

Some believe it was a real place and was once the ruling power of the world before a natural disaster sank the entire island into the sea.

But one man – Graham Maple, who runs the YouTube channel Conspiracy Depot – may have put an end to all speculation after his incredible place on the web mapping site.

He believes he came across four separate buildings, which can be linked to be part of a community hidden beneath the surface of the North Pole.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, he said: “They are certainly not natural and may be part of a complex buried under ice.

“I think this is part of a bigger city that could stretch for miles, maybe it’s higher than indicated?”

And Graham believes that what lies beneath could be from an ancient civilization.

He added: “There are several possibilities to whom it could have belonged.

“Former residents of Atlantis, aliens or even a top secret government operation.

“I very much doubt that there could be life under the ice, but depending on the size and self-sufficiency of the colony, who knows?

The amazing claim can be broken down into four separate arrangements and Graham named these Horseshoe 1, Horseshoe 2, Toblerone Tower and Tower 2.

He also revealed in his YouTube video how each building has its own unique functions.

The longer buildings appear to have windows and entrances, while he assumes that the smaller structures have advanced infrastructure including pipelines for gas, water and electricity.

After uploading the video online, viewers were quick to add their own take on what it might be.

One of them believed, “Over the years the ice will move and melt and everything will be revealed.

“Antarctica is the greatest mystery on the planet.

“Your finds could be buried crafts or the remains of an ancient city that have been taken over by various groups.”

Another added: “Wow! If it’s natural, then its unusual characteristics are always very interesting.

“The triangular shape of the locations is also very convincing. It suggests an underground network of tunnels.”

And a third said: “Maybe the longer buildings were watchtowers for something.”

This is not the first demand to come out of the frozen continent, however.

Similar images aired on the same channel last month.

And before that, Daily Star Online looked at some of the most compelling evidence for the existence of Atlantis.

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