Arrest reports for the week of December 13, 2020 – Shelby County Reporter

The following people were arrested and charged by the Shelby County Municipal Police Department from November 8 to December 8. 6:


Dec 1

-Jose Mora, 30, possession of drug paraphernalia.

-Chadwick Lee Maddox, 41, of Clanton, fourth degree property theft.

Dec 2

-Jamie Ann Ford Crumpton, 37, Adger, Alabama, giving false ID to law enforcement.

-Raymond James Delaney Motes, 32, of Montevallo, absent.

Dec 3

-Mark Bernard Jones, 45, from Montevallo, alias proxy, capias.

-Ricky Lynn Hale, 62, of Calera, possession of drug accessories, harassment (threat), second degree criminal mischief, fourth degree property theft.

-Timothy Ryan Dupree, 36, of Alabaster, no appearance.

Dec 5

-Rodrick Rasheen Hemingway, 27, from Calera, DUI-alcohol.

-Lisa Ann Motley, 48, of West Blocton, Alabama, third degree property theft, trying to escape.

-William Edward Mayfield, 46, of Helena, public poisoning.

Dec 6

-Robert Dudley Earnest, 54, Adger, Alabama, non-compliance, driving while license suspended.


November 30

-Anthony Bernard McSwain, 56, of Birmingham, DUI-alcohol, second degree possession of marijuana.

-Justin Bailey Sonier, 20, of Columbiana, did not show up.

Dec 1

-Jamie Ann Ford, 37, of Cullman, illegal possession of prescription drugs.

-Robert Djuan Wooley, 35, from Montevallo, no appearance (two counts).

-Darius Devon Hallaway, 40, Birmingham, third degree domestic violence – criminal mischief, harassment, second degree possession of marijuana.

-Octavia Tanaye Bailey, 38, of Calera, missed appearance (five counts).

-Michael Shane Allen Jr., 48, of Montevallo, agency assistant.

Dec 2

-Phillip Jason Webb, 44, of Clanton, possession of a controlled substance – barbiturate, possession of second degree marijuana.

Dec 3

-Armoni Jacody Urgent, 25, of Montgomery, possession of a synthetic controlled substance narcotic, illegally carrying a pistol.

-Cody Del Robertson, 29, of Calera, awaiting 72 hour investigation.

-Greg Dion Turner, 54, of Alabaster, failure to appear (two counts).

-Reginald Vick Smith, 20, of Montevallo, missed appearance (two counts).

Dec 4

-Lasherika Tranae Cathey, 36, of Bessemer, possession of second-degree marijuana, drug paraphernalia, tampering with physical evidence.


November 8

-Brandon Scott McDonald, 32, did not show up.

November 11th

-Larry Gene Davis, 47, possession of a controlled substance – meth, possession of first degree marijuana, third degree domestic violence – harassment.

November 15

-Jarifa Fitzgerald Carter, 54, did not show up.

-Steven Lewis Carter, 31, recklessly endangered, trying to evade.

November 16

-Tristan Isaiah Robinson, 28, did not show up.

November 17

-Bryan Keith Smith, 49, failure to appear (two counts).

-John Randall May, 37, non-appearance.

November 18

-Joshua Harlan Bush, 33, did not show up.

November 20

-Wulf Samuel Blaine Hess, 22, did not show up.


November 30

-Cecil Lamont Guy, 48, threatening and disorderly conduct.

Dec 1

-Michael Shane Allen Jr., 48, jumping on second degree bail.

Dec 3

-Rachel Leigh West, 34, public poisoning.

Dec 4

-Chad Dewayne Deweese, 47, possession of a controlled substance, promotion of smuggling to second degree prison.

-Amanda Rae Merrell, 40, possession of a first degree forged instrument.


Dec 1

-Carl Delane Buck Erwin, Public Crimes -AW aka Writ of Stop.

Dec 7

-Bryan Adam Martin, Simple Domestic Assault Family.


29 november

-Justin Reeser, 32, of Hoover, public poisoning.

November 30

-Joshua Allen, 23, from Bessemer, aka warrants.

-Jason Moreland, 41, of Birmingham, aka Mandate.

-Candice Baker, 27, of Jemison, illegal possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug accessories.

-Ashley Schuffert, 30, of Marbury, receiving 4th degree stolen property under $ 500, illegal possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Dec 1

-Carla Hernandez Candelaria, 19, from Birmingha, 3rd degree assault (non-family arm).

-Ashley Day, 32, of Birmingham, illegal possession of a controlled substance, false name for law enforcement and possession of drug paraphernalia.

-Natsha Pina, 35, of Birmingham, illegally possesses a controlled substance and gives law enforcement a false name.

-Jose Sanchez Romero, 35, from Birmingham, aka warrants.

-Samantha Vollmer, 43, from Montevallo, DUI-influence of alcohol.

-Daniel McClary, 31, of Calera, driving while suspended and tag expired.

Dec 2

-Chadwick Kerley, 35, of Hoover, alias attorney.

Dec 3

-Gene Resendiz Meza, 19, from Jemison, tinted window greater than 30% and driving in suspension.

Dec 4

-Nathaniel Hicks, 31, Alabaster, DUI-influence of alcohol.

Dec 5

-Adrienne Bibb, 30, Pell City, DUI-influence of alcohol.

-Quintez Echols, 23, Vestavia Hills, illegal possession of 2nd degree marijuana and receipt of 4th degree stolen goods over $ 500.

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