Adult website offers $ 15 million for Superdome naming rights

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – An adult content website is offering $ 15 million for the naming rights of the Superdome.

Stripchat, which bills itself as “one of the world’s leading adult cam sites”, wants to rename the Dome to “Stripchat Superdome”.

The offer was made public in a press release issued by Stripchat’s communications director, Max Bennett.

“In our opinion, New Orleans is the party capital of the United States,” Bennett wrote. “It has always been synonymous with nightlife and entertainment. It comes alive at night, with people strolling the neon-colored promenade of one of the world’s most famous nightlife bands – Bourbon Street. “

And since the city is home to the New Orleans Saints, he said it would be “a wonderful opportunity” to enter “the world of sports.”

German automaker Mercedes-Benz secured the naming rights for the Superdome in 2010, a deal that will expire at the end of the year. There has been no indication from the team whether or not Stripchat’s offer is being considered.

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