10 things you didn’t know about Sanjay Dutt

Building a lasting career in the entertainment industry is not an easy thing to do. Even the most talented actors sometimes struggle to stay relevant over the years. Sanjay Dutt, however, has managed to build something that doesn’t come up very often. The talented Indian actor has become one of his country’s brightest stars and his resume reflects the years of hard work he has put into his craft. With over 100 credits to his credit, Sanjay is creating a legacy that will last for generations and generations. What is most impressive, however, is the fact that he is far from finished. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Sanjay Dutt.

1. He comes from a famous family

In many ways, Sanjay becoming an actor was inevitable. Both of his parents were successful actors, and Sanjay developed his own interest in the craft from an early age. Her grandmother, Jaddanbai, was also a well-known screenwriter and director before her death in the late 1940s.

2. He is a cancer survivor

In the summer of 2020, Sanjay was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, and many feared the prognosis was not good. Miraculously, he went into remission just months after his diagnosis. In one statement he posted on Twitter, Sanjay said, “I am happy to emerge victorious from this battle and to be able to give them the best possible gift: the health and well-being of our family.”

3. He won several awards

Having a family with connections in the entertainment industry has its pros and cons. On the one hand, it facilitates access. On the other hand, there will always be people who think that whatever you get is just because of your family. Over the years, Sanjay has proven time and time again that he deserves every opportunity that comes his way. The awards he has won reflect this. Sanjay has won several awards over the years, including a 2013 Stardust Award for Best Actor in a Negative Role.

4. He’s a devoted family man

Not only was Sanjay born into a tight-knit family, he also made a point of founding his own. Sanjay has been married three times and has a total of three children. When he’s not busy with his job, you can bet that Sanjay spends as much time as possible with his loved ones.

6. He has a huge following on social media

Now in his early 60s, no one would be surprised if Sanjay didn’t have a strong online presence. Surprisingly, however, he is very active on social media and he gets a lot of follow. On Instagram, he currently has nearly four million followers. On Twitter, he has more than two million followers.

7. He’s struggling with addiction

Things haven’t always been easy for Sanjay and he encountered some serious speed bumps along the way. One of those speed bumps includes addiction. Sanjay told India Today: “Drug addiction is a disease that cannot be cured. Today, if I think I can smoke a joint, it’s over. Fear of relapse manifests itself within the first five to six months of quitting. I turned my mind away in the gym. I started to feel good about my body.

8. He likes to help others

As someone who has lived a privileged life, it would be easy for Sanjay to ignore the issues facing “ordinary” people. However, that was never his style. Over the years, he has used his platform to help those in need. Sanjay has done things like buying food for the underprivileged and raising funds for victims of natural disasters.

9. He might consider writing a book

Sanjay has lived a very interesting life and that is definitely something that would make a great story. In 2018, Yasser Usman published a book on the life of Sanjay titled Sanjay Dutt: The Crazy Untold Story of the Bollywood Bad Boy. But this might not be the last time we read Sanjay’s story. In an interview with India West, he shared that he hopes to write his own story one day.

10. He created his own production company

Besides being a creator, Sanjay is also an entrepreneur. He is the founder of Sanjay Dutt Productions. The company has released several projects over the years. According to the company’s website, “SDP is also currently active and renowned for its work in key entertainment areas such as event management – concerts and popular shows, as well as talent management.”

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