10 Least Inspired Pokémon Models, Ranked

With 898 different Pokemon, not all will be well designed. There are many very creative and interesting designs out there, of course, but some Pokémon seem to have been created just to make up the numbers.

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One of the main pitfalls that a Pokémon’s design falls into is being too similar to the actual object it’s based on. While this is the case for many Pokémon, there are some where it is most noticeable. Others are designed in a way that makes it look like they don’t belong to the show at all.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

ten Comfey is a colorful but lifeless flower necklace

Cozy Pokemon

The only thing about Comfey’s design that sets it apart from the Hawaiian flower garland that the Posy Picker Pokémon is based on is its body, which blends into the flowers and is very easy to miss, giving it a flawless look. life. The flowers that surround Comfey are colorful yet simplistic, and the fact that it doesn’t scale and incorporate more flowers of varying colors and sizes makes its design all the more basic. If it’s not going to evolve, at least make it more elaborate than it is.

9 Sandygast fails to create excitement

pokemon pikachu reacts to sandgast

The design of a Pokémon should be exciting enough to make the player want to catch it and use it in battles or competitions. Sandygast’s design is so characterless that it’s not worth worrying about. It’s a pile of sand with a shovel stuck in its head. Without the shovel, it would just be a beige version of Grimer, and the fact that his facial features are simply shaped like sand like eyes and a gaping mouth make his expressions tasteless and lifeless.

8 Krabby and Kingler are no different from real crabs

Pokemon Gary Ash Krabby anime comparison

Krabby is one of the many Pokémon that are based on real creatures. Like many of these designs, there’s nothing about Krabby that tells you he’s part of the Pokémon universe. It might just be a cartoon representation of a crab.

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While some other Pokémon are a different color than their real-life counterpart, that’s not the case with Krabby, which has a red top half and a light beige bottom half. Kingler’s big claw, meanwhile, is the one thing that sets her apart from her pre-evolution.

7 The design of the Klink family does not move anyone


In the vein of Magneton, Dugtrio and Dodrio, the evolution of the Klink family is based on the addition of components found in the basic form. It starts with Klink, a single gear. Klang gets two more. Klinklang receives yet another piece of equipment surrounding him. The design is hampered from the start, being rather boring and utilitarian. Klink and its evolutions look like they should be part of a bigger, machine-like Pokémon instead of being a full-fledged one.

6 Trubbish is at the bottom of the barrel

02 Trubbish - Pokemon Anime

Some Pokémon can be labeled as having a weak design when the Pokémon is considered really ugly or not cute, but in the case of Trubbish, it is both an unattractive design and a basic design. There’s nothing exciting or endearing about a trash bag, and while it’s supposed to be an ugly Pokemon design, it stinks of lack of imagination. It seems the designers searched the trash cans for new models and, finding nothing, said, “Let’s just use the bag.”

5 Pineco is more of a real world object than Pokémon

Pineco with a pokeball thrown at it

A lot of Pokémon are pretty much objects with facial features, and one of the biggest examples of that has to be Pineco. Introduced in Gen II, the only things that differentiate the Pokémon Bagworm from a real pine cone are its two red eyes and the fact that it is blue-green in color. Even its name is made up of two letters and a “pine cone” space. Pineco evolves into Foretress, which luckily is a very different Pokémon.

4 Electrode is just Voltorb upside down

The electrode smiles

Whoever designed Voltorb and Electrode obviously couldn’t help but create a Pokémon based on a Poké ball. The fact that when Voltorb evolves into Electrode its design barely changes, however, makes it perhaps the most basic evolution family of all. The colors are simply reversed so that the top half of the electrode is white instead of red. The electrode has a mouth and has slightly different eyes, but it is certainly not easy to remember which is which.

3 Grimer and Muk are indistinguishable from each other

Group of make up Pokemon

Grimer is an amorphous purple stain. Muk is also an amorphous purple drop, but larger. Muk also has slightly narrower eyes, but without the scale it would be hard to tell which was which.

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Make-up isn’t the most eye-catching design to start with, and Muk doubles it. Generation VII introduced the Alolan forms of both, making them much more colorful and interesting, but for a long time it was just old Grimer and Muk.

2 Sunflora doesn’t look like a Pokémon

There are so many well-designed and interesting Pokémon out there that aren’t. Sunflora is one of those Pokémon. The expression on her face and the utter simplicity of her design don’t scream “Pokémon.” He doesn’t look like he’s on the show. There are other plant Pokémon with basic designs like Bellsprout, Maractus, and Cherubi, but at least they have something unique about them that makes them look like Pokémon. Sunflora looks like a clipart cartoon sunflower.

1 Luvdisc is a heart whose design lacks heart

Anything a child could draw in a matter of seconds constitutes an uninspired drawing. Luvdisc is a heart rotated at 45 degrees with an eye and a mouth. Completing her design is a pink circle on her cheek. It could have taken 10 seconds to find and draw Luvdisc. While it may be good for children’s drawing practice, it has to be one of the less inspiring Pokemon models there is.

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